Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Asian Cities for Food

There are lots of reasons why travelers from all over the world flock to Asia, and one of them is to taste the unique, mouth-watering cuisine that the continent has to offer. Foodies from the West couldn’t get enough of the various Asian dishes that they sample during their travels, so much that they look for the same dishes back home or learn how to make the dishes themselves. If you are on a big gastronomic adventure in Asia, here are some of the top cities that you should visit for an eat-all-you-can adventure.

  • Bangkok, Thailand

When traveling in Bangkok, food is everywhere. Not just on restaurants but on food courts and food stalls that crowd the streets. For those who are on a budget and looking for something exotic, try the stalls that serve delicacies such as insects. Clearly this is not for the squeamish traveler with regular Western tastes. Must-try food items include som tam (papaya salad), curry, and different types of rice. The city also has lots of restaurants for other cuisines, and you can have your fill of Lebanese and Indian food here as well.

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you still don’t know your way around KL, try the dishes at the food court inside the KLCC mall, which is underneath the Petronas Towers. Lots of international dishes are here under one roof, so you can feast on Malay, Indian, Chinese, and Western food here without having to venture elsewhere. Of course, when you set out to explore the city, make sure to head to Chinatown, where you can sample the best Chinese food around the area.

  • Beijing, China
The list wouldn’t be complete without Beijing, where naturally, Chinese food is at its best. There are thousands of dim sum restaurants where you can feast on every Chinese food imaginable. Make sure to drink lots of tea to make room for more of the dishes. It is too easy to get stuffed when eating Chinese food. Never leave Beijing without tasting the Peking duck, which is regarded as one of the best poultry dishes in the world.

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