Friday, December 30, 2011

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Asia?

Harry Potter in Asia? Millions of “Harry Potter” fans in Asia were elated with the news of having a theme park based on the character of the “boy who lives” as part of the future attractions in the Universal Studios Singapore and Japan.

Asian fans of the famous J.K Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series might get a chance to experience the magic of the ‘Wizarding World” in Japan or Singapore according to TravelWeekly.Asia. It said that reports have suggested that themed parks based on the character of the famous boy wizard could be coming to Japan and Singapore. If this attraction will push through, air ticket booking to Singapore and Japan will increase in numbers as fans across Asia surely would not miss this exciting experience.

NBC Universal will be rolling out its “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” to the theme park of Universal Studios in Los Angeles after its successful launch at the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida last year.

With the movie’s phenomenal success worldwide, theme parks of Universal Studios in Japan and Singapore could also be in line for future “Wizarding World”. Although there has been no confirmation from the management of NBC Universal, this project will surely attract more tourists to book air tickets to Singapore and Japan.

TravelWeekly.Asia is a business travel news portal in Asia for news and research for organizations that manage travel. It provides daily business travel news updates and regular tourism-related information.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tourist Attractions in Bali, Indonesia: Flying off to Paradise

One thing which not everybody knows is that paradise can actually be spelled as B-A-L-I. For indeed, the beautiful island of Bali Indonesia is basically a preview of all the good things the heavens can offer.

Deemed a major island in Indonesia, Bali is presently hailed as one of the best tourist spots in the country. The primary attraction is its vast ocean of blue which complements the purity of the white sand on its shores. It is further emphasized by the humidity of the tropic weather. Tourists who love hitting the water will definitely find great pleasure at the mere sight of it.

Besakih Temple
However, the island does not content one’s satisfaction by its beaches alone. It also features the thousand year-old Besakih Temple. In it, tourists who are in search of peace of mind and solitude may find the calmness they have been longing for.

Safari and Marine Park
For those who love the wildlife, taking a trip to Bali Safari and Marine Park is a strong advice. Doing so will not just improve one’s knowledge about the life in the jungle and underwater. Through it, tourists may also understand how good it feels to be part of the protectors of the wild and the sea.

Botanical Garden
With air tickets to Bali, one can also be given the chance to visit the Bali Botanical Garden. It is this experience which will literally awe the tourists of the different wonders of nature manifested on various species of trees and flora; with some exclusively found in Bali.

The island of Bali definitely brings forth surprises to any visiting vacationer. With its intrinsic beauty and gloriousness, it is undoubtedly a paradise in its own right. And more than anything else in the world, it is an air ticket to Indonesia which could bring one to a paradise called Bali.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sights to Explore in Singapore - Part 2

Although the Lion City is just a small country, you’ll be amazed how they maximized its land to paved way for parks and nature sanctuaries perfect for re-charging and relaxing after a day of conquering the streets of Singapore. Botanical Garden, Bird Park, National Orchid Garden, Marina Bay and Esplanade are some of the places where you can just sit and take a rest while enjoying the sights around you.

Marina Bay

Another attraction that will be worthy of booking air tickets to Singapore is the Asian Civilisation Museum. It is considered as the pioneering museum in the region to specialize in pan-Asian cultures and civilizations. It offers in-depth information regarding the material history of China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia, from which the diverse ethnic groups of Singapore trace their ancestry. Paying a visit to this museum will certainly enrich one’s knowledge and understanding of the country and its people.

For those who just love to be with animals, exploring the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari will surely be an entertaining and enjoyable experience. Singapore Zoo is one of the world’s spectacular zoo, using natural barriers like streams, rock walls and vegetation to separate the animals from the visitor, to present an “open zoo” concept. It is home to 3,600 mammals, birds and reptiles, including rare and endangered species.

Night Safari is considered as the world’s first nocturnal zoo. It is among the popular tourist attractions in Singapore, housing more or less 1,040 animals of 120 species, 29% of which are endangered species. The Night Safari is an open-air zoo set in the humid tropical forest which is only open at night. Its eight geographical zones can be explored by foot or by tram.

A tour of Singapore’s outlying islands will give its visitors an experience of total contrast of the life in the mainland. Offering peace, tranquillity and in some cases, a traditional village lifestyle that has changed very little over the years, these small islands are perfect for those who would like to have a break from the crowded street of the city. The island of Pulau Ubin, Kusu Island, St.John Island, The Sister’s Island and the Pualu Hantu are just around the corner of the glittering skyscrapers of the CBD area and the swanky shopping malls of Orchard Road, thus making them easily accessible to tourists.

It also features varying fascinating sightseeing opportunities, fantastic attractions and activities who would like the best destination for out-door lovers; its strong economy attracts millions of business travellers each year; this tiny island occupies a strategic position, it has always been the gateway of the surrounding countries to the rest of the world. As one of the busiest city in Asia, Singapore has the highest standard of hospitality to achieve the satisfaction of all levels.

Singapore always welcomes you with a promise to give you a breathtaking and an experience which will always last in your memories. To experience this modern island in its full strength you would need to a little help and guidance to reach the island's talking points.

 Sights to Explore in Singapore - Part 1

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sights to Explore in Singapore - Part 1

Singapore is a paradise for tourists offering a unique blend of modern, historical and natural beauty. The city has a modern transportation system, world-class hotel and restaurants, English-speaking population and a mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures. With its unique blend of cultures, reflected in its architecture, festival and cuisine, Singapore offers a multitude of sightseeing opportunities to anyone who wishes to book air tickets to Singapore to explore the lion city.

Its tropical climate allows each visitor to have a wonderful time discovering the city’s places of interest any time of the year. The country’s efficacy and modern technology also entices tourists in securing an air ticket booking Singapore. Being a small country with an area of 693 sq. Km., you can even do the sightseeing in Singapore within the day or while waiting for a connecting flight to your destination. Here are some of the places commonly visited by tourists in Singapore for their significant and important role in the country’s history and development.

Chinatown is one of the oldest Chinese settlements in Singapore. It is an ethnic neighbourhood featuring distinctly Chinese cultural elements and a historically concentrated ethnic Chinese population. The Chinatown Heritage Center, Chinatown Food Street and Chinatown Night Market are among the popular places which appeals to tourists. While exploring Chinatown, you can taste the traditional Chinese food and pick up some artistic handcrafts from the shops along the way.

The fascinating Little India is a place where one can experience the Indian culture. It’s quite popular with the tourists because of the authentic cuisine and an array of souvenir items that can be purchased at very affordable prices. Mustafa Shopping Centre, Tekka Centre, Tekka Mall, Little India Arcade and Serangoon Plaza are some of the places where one can find the cheapest stuff. The temples, mosque and churches reflecting the diverse culture and religious beliefs of its citizens are also sights to explore so be sure to have your camera with you.

Aside from these above mentioned places where one can experience the different cultures existing harmoniously in the modern city of Singapore, a tour of the city itself will enrich the visitor’s knowledge about its humble beginnings and its greatest achievement as one with the strongest economy in Asia.

The Parliament House which is located at the Civic District within Singapore’s Central Business District is a cultural landmark which houses the Parliament of Singapore. Within the Central Area which features the tallest buildings and landmarks of the country is the Raffles Place, commercial district named after the founder of modern Singapore - Sir Stamford Raffles. Across the road is the Supreme Court building designed to represent a contemporary architectural expression of its stateliness and authority. The prism-shaped top of the building is considered as a modernist take on the traditional dome.

Sights to Explore in Singapore - Part 2

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lao Airlines Fly Directly To Singapore

Lao Airlines is the newest link of Singapore to its neighbouring countries, which means that the Lion City is now directly connected to all other nine ASEAN members. November 29, 2011 marked the arrival of the first direct flight from Vientiane to Singapore. Flights from Vientiane to Singapore will be a thrice-weekly services.

This newest direct flight shows strong bilateral ties between Laos and Singapore. According to Travel Weekly Asia, Laos’ top ten foreign investors include Singapore, with investment from sectors of manufacturing and hospitality. It also stated that the bilateral trade between the two countries saw a substantial growth of 40 percent year-on-year to reach U$29million during the first nine months of the year 2011.

Since Laos joined the ASEAN in 1997, Singapore and Laos have been regular cooperation and exchange partners in education, health care and tourism. Passengers travelling between the two countries increased steadily within the last five years. Statistic shows that Singaporean visitors to Laos grew about 8% annually while the number of citizens of Laos who purchased an air ticket booking to Singapore increased by some 25% every year. With the direct flight connecting the two countries, business and leisure travel are expected to increase in numbers.

Laos is also positioning itself as an attractive place for investment as well as a tourist destination featuring rich heritage sites which visitors from around the globe will enjoy.

Home to many ancient wonders such as the mysterious Plain of Jars, the UNESCO World Heritage of Luang Prabang and the Vat Phou Temple complex, Laos is indeed rich in culture and history.

With this new direct flight, Singapore is more accessible now for the citizens of Laos who would like to seek medical treatment, tour the Lion City or expand their field of study as well as use Singapore as a stop-over point to other destinations.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting Out of Trouble Before Boarding a Flight

Even after booking that cheap flight from budget airlines, it is not impossible for travellers not to experience some last-minute conflicts in travelling; and most often, these simple problems can result to bigger difficulties if not patched up early. That is why it is important for people travelling to always double check things.

However, if the conflict cannot really be helped, below are some tips to easily fix everything in place:

Tickets, like passports, are the most important thing to get a person board a plane. But in inevitable instances that it is forgotten or lost, people should calm down. Nowadays, electronic tickets are replacing the traditional ones so it is easier to get another copy of it from the computer. Another option is to remember the flight number because airline companies always have a master list of reservations and booked flights. With a few proofs of identity, it is possible to obtain another ticket from them in an instant. However, it has to be understood that certain amounts may be paid by the passenger as compensation to the lost ticket.

A passport is definitely important and since its processing takes time, it is best to keep spare photocopies of the passport’s information page, as well as the page where the visa is stamped. This is just a precaution in case it gets lost. Upon discovering that it is gone, the passenger should contact the local embassy or the passport-issuing department to report its loss. In case of being just forgotten, the passenger should at least ask a colleague to get it.

There are instances when people just cannot help but be late. There is a variety of possible reasons for this. In case this happens, the passenger should keep calm. Usually, departure schedules are earlier than the actual flight so it will most likely be okay. However, the passenger should hurry to the airport.

The errors could be due to different instances. It could be due to the times or to personal errors. However, a passenger should not let any of these possibilities ruin the flight. So cautiousness and preparation are necessary. To make things easier, it is best to get air tickets from online air ticket booking websites.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spend Less and Travel More With These Cost-Saving Tips

Value for money is one of the main concerns when planning a holiday trip. It’s just common to look for the cheapest air fare and take advantage of promotional rates offered during off-peak season. With the raising cost of living and economic instability all over the world, everyone looks for every possible way to lower the costs while maximizing the travel experience.

Check out the following tips to save costs while having your well-deserved break:

Travelling light can be a wise decision. Choose the clothes which are light and can be worn in different ways so that you won’t end up spending the money you have saved from getting air tickets promo.

Going for a holiday with friends does not only guarantee that your trip will be full of fun and excitement, it can also be a cost-saving option as most travel packages becomes cheaper when you travel in a group. Accommodation will definitely be cheaper if you’ll share the room with your friends.

Plan your trip ahead and avoid the peak-season period during festivals, conventions or major sports events. You can hardly find affordable accommodation and cheap air tickets during these periods.

After you have booked the available cheapest air fare, do your research and equipped yourself with useful information about the place you are going to visit. Take note of the areas where you can buy the cheapest souvenir items or affordable place to try the authentic cuisine and sample local delicacies.

Read about places you are planning to visit once you have settled your air ticket. Know the available modes of transportation you can use to reach the different tourist’s destination. Taking trains and buses save costs however be sure to have the correct information or better yet secure a map to avoid wasting your time if you got lost. You may also consider walking instead to explore the area and discover new things along your way.

As you list down the places you are planning to cover for the day, do not forget to put snacks into your bag with your water bottle. This will save you the hassle from searching a place to buy food or drink when you get hungry and at the same time save your money.

It is also important to know the exchange rate of your money to the currency of your destination. It will help you to determine how much you need to bring along for your trip. If you are planning to use credit cards, keep track of your expenses so that you won’t end up spending beyond what you have allotted for the trip.

Keep track of your travel documents. Always put them in a secure and safe place. Getting a replacement while you are abroad will surely cost you a huge sum of money.

You can start saving by choosing the best available promo for air tickets. Remember that travelling abroad is one of the best ways to reward your self for working hard all year round. Nevertheless you don’t need to consume all your savings for the entire year if you only make conscious effort to cut down costs in every possible way.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Everyone Can Go With The Cheapest Air Fare!

Most of the kids if not everyone looks forward to spending fun-filled activities during school vacation. It is the perfect time for them to do the things they cannot do during school term. Some parents take advantage of this period to spend quality time with their children by going for a family vacation.
Nowadays, family trips are more affordable because of cheap air fares and accommodation that are conveniently available online. Numerous travel companies even have attractive deals for family package designed to cater for the needs of the family.

Although going for a holiday trip with the entire family will mean spending quite a big sum of money, opting for cheapest air ticket will surely lessen the cost. Here are more cost-saving tips when planning for a family getaway:

1.Use the Web to search for best deals for vacation packages, cheapest air fares and discounted hotel rates. Online travel deals are usually cheaper especially during promotional period and they are easily accessible through the internet.

2.Choose off-the-beaten path destinations. Avoid the crowd and visit those places which are less popular to tourist. It will give plenty of time for the family to explore and discover new things about the place, its people and their culture while laughing and having a good time together.

3.Settle for more affordable accommodation. If going for the Disneyland will mean a perfect holiday for kids, go for hotels which are not located within the premise of the theme park. Comfortable and convenient accommodations are cheaper outside the premise of the theme park. Transportation won’t be a problem either as most hotels provide shuttle free bus for top tourist attractions within the area.

4.Travelling during off-peak season is one way to lessen the cost. During this period most airlines companies offer cheap air tickets to attract more travellers. Heavily discounted hotel rates and travel packages are also commonly found during this period.

5.Have a flexible date when planning for a holiday trip. You can save a considerable amount of money if you will plan the trip according to the availability of cheap air tickets and other promotional deals rather than determining the dates and location then finding affordable deals during that specific time frame. It is quite hard especially if the only available time for the family is during the school vacation however doing it several months before the school term ended will give you a higher chance of landing on affordable travel deals.

For sure there are more ways to save when going for a family vacation. With the prices of basic necessities in life getting more and more expensive as the years passed by, it is just wise to find every possible way to save especially when it comes to things which are not considered as “basic necessity” such as travelling.

With the hustle and bustle of modern society and the increasing needs of children to fulfil, parents often have a hard time spending quality time with their children. Travelling provides them this much needed break from work to strengthen the bonds with their children while imparting them important lessons in life during conversations as they take a relaxing time in the beach or explore historical sites. This is one of the good things brought about by advancement in technology, easily accessible information for cheap air fares and accommodation to provide more options for each family to plan a holiday trip that will strengthen the value of the basic unit of society.