Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sights to Explore in Singapore - Part 1

Singapore is a paradise for tourists offering a unique blend of modern, historical and natural beauty. The city has a modern transportation system, world-class hotel and restaurants, English-speaking population and a mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures. With its unique blend of cultures, reflected in its architecture, festival and cuisine, Singapore offers a multitude of sightseeing opportunities to anyone who wishes to book air tickets to Singapore to explore the lion city.

Its tropical climate allows each visitor to have a wonderful time discovering the city’s places of interest any time of the year. The country’s efficacy and modern technology also entices tourists in securing an air ticket booking Singapore. Being a small country with an area of 693 sq. Km., you can even do the sightseeing in Singapore within the day or while waiting for a connecting flight to your destination. Here are some of the places commonly visited by tourists in Singapore for their significant and important role in the country’s history and development.

Chinatown is one of the oldest Chinese settlements in Singapore. It is an ethnic neighbourhood featuring distinctly Chinese cultural elements and a historically concentrated ethnic Chinese population. The Chinatown Heritage Center, Chinatown Food Street and Chinatown Night Market are among the popular places which appeals to tourists. While exploring Chinatown, you can taste the traditional Chinese food and pick up some artistic handcrafts from the shops along the way.

The fascinating Little India is a place where one can experience the Indian culture. It’s quite popular with the tourists because of the authentic cuisine and an array of souvenir items that can be purchased at very affordable prices. Mustafa Shopping Centre, Tekka Centre, Tekka Mall, Little India Arcade and Serangoon Plaza are some of the places where one can find the cheapest stuff. The temples, mosque and churches reflecting the diverse culture and religious beliefs of its citizens are also sights to explore so be sure to have your camera with you.

Aside from these above mentioned places where one can experience the different cultures existing harmoniously in the modern city of Singapore, a tour of the city itself will enrich the visitor’s knowledge about its humble beginnings and its greatest achievement as one with the strongest economy in Asia.

The Parliament House which is located at the Civic District within Singapore’s Central Business District is a cultural landmark which houses the Parliament of Singapore. Within the Central Area which features the tallest buildings and landmarks of the country is the Raffles Place, commercial district named after the founder of modern Singapore - Sir Stamford Raffles. Across the road is the Supreme Court building designed to represent a contemporary architectural expression of its stateliness and authority. The prism-shaped top of the building is considered as a modernist take on the traditional dome.

Sights to Explore in Singapore - Part 2

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