Monday, November 28, 2011

Top 10 Destinations Where You Can Have A Splendid Christmas

With the Christmas season fast approaching, people keep on searching and hoping to find discounted airfares that will allow them to celebrate this festive season abroad where they can have a different experience that will make the celebration extra special. If you are still hesitant and cannot make up your mind where is the best place to spend this holiday season, take a look at the following list that might help you finalize your holiday trip.

Brazil Tourist Destination
Photo by Raphael Nogueira 

If you enjoy sun, heat, and waves Brazil is the best option to celebrate Christmas. With its spectacular nature and beautiful coastlines, every visitor will surely have a fabulous time on its fantastic beaches. With the two upcoming events set to take place in this largest country in South America namely FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, the tourism industry is picking up like never before. 

London Tourist Destination
Photo by Eva Dang 
With the economic crisis in Europe, the tourism industry might also get affected. Keep on searching and you might land on a discounted air ticket to London which will enable you to take a close-up look at a tilted Big Ben. Go on a shopping spree to retail shops along Oxford Street or visit stunning landmarks such as Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. It will surely be an experience of a lifetime to have a close-up look at those places which have been part of the country’s rich history.

Morocco Tourist Destination

Considered one of Africa’s most popular destinations, Morroco is famous for its beaches and some of the best seaside towns such as Essaouira, Tangler, and Asilah. It also possesses natural wonders like the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Dessert, and the Dades Valley. 

United States of America

USA Tourist Destination
Photo by Gert Boers 

Celebrate this festive season in the United States of America and get a chance to experience the white Christmas that you are dreaming of. However, this huge country has a lot of things to offer besides the winter wonderland scenery. It can also be a dream destination for history buffs. Head to Washington D.C and take a look at its impressive array of museums and monuments or explore the magnificent Grand Canyon in Arizona. You might get lucky and find discounted air tickets to the U.S.A if you will keep on searching.

South Africa

South Africa Tourist Destination
Photo by redcharlie 

Enjoy miles of unspoiled beaches from the East Coast to the West Coast and experience a fun-filled Christmas at the beaches of South Africa. Visitors will also be captivated by the picturesque locations of more than 20 National Parks spread throughout the country which offer diverse attractions of wildlife, mountains, floral scenery, and more. 


Nepal Tourist Destination
Photo by Bikalpa Pokhrel 

For those adventure seekers, spending a holiday break might mean visiting the Himalayan country and going for a trekking pilgrimage in Nepal. This country is not only known for breathtaking landscapes and excellent places for trekking and mountaineering but also because of the hospitality and warmth of its people. Choose among the available airfare promo to Nepal and grant your wish for a dream vacation filled with an adrenaline rush.

Greece Tourist Destination

Immerse yourself in history as you tour the Acropolis and see the ruins of the ancient city in Athens, shop-til-you-drop in fun-shops at the Island of Hydra, or spend your Christmas holidays in the Crete Island where you can find wonderful beach towns, great natural wonders, and sophistication. Greece is indeed a destination that offers a diverse package for a wonderful vacation. 


Portugal Tourist Destination
Photo by Liam McKay 

Try searching for a discounted airfare to Portugal and you might get a chance to have abundant opportunities to celebrate your holidays with peace and serenity in little-trodden places away from the usual tourist circuits. Medieval castles, picturesque villages, and flower-draped hillsides will definitely make your vacation full of unforgettable memories.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Tourist Destination
Photo by Kon Karampelas 

Disneyland will surely be the best place in Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas with its Western concept considering that it is not a traditional Chinese festival. However, a visitor might be surprised to see how this city adorns and decorate its trees with lights and snow to take part of the Christmas spirit. One of the most outstanding Christmas attractions is the Winterfest. Statue Square which is situated at the heart of the city is transformed into a winter wonderland with a Swarovski Christmas tree right at its center. 

Cuba Tourist Destination
Photo by Spencer Everett 

With tourism in Cuba not quite popular yet, it might be easy to find discounted air tickets for this island nation in the Caribbean. Have a taste of its famous mojito as you dance to the rhythm and music Cuba is well known for.

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