Friday, June 28, 2013

Malaysian Nationals with Biometric Passports Allowed for Visa-Free Entry to Japan Beginning July 1, 2013

Japan Mt Fuji

Beginning July 1, 2013, Malaysian nationals holding biometric passports are now allowed to book flights to Japan without hesitation as entrance to the country without a visa is now permitted. This is after the government of Japan had signed the visa waiver agreement in celebration of the 40th ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation.

In a press release circulated by the Japan National Tourism Organization, it is said that the biometric passport should have an embedded microchip that complies with ICAO standards. Bearers of this passport may stay in Japan for not more than three months. If exceeding, applying for an appropriate visa is necessary.

Due to this development, the number of Malaysians who travel to Japan is expected to escalate.
Japanese Visa Waived for Thais and Malaysians
Japanese Visa Waived for Thais and Malaysians