Monday, December 27, 2010

Book Online for Cheap Air Tickets

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Air ticket booking on websites is now the most preferred way of booking flights because of the special deals and promo tours that boil down to discounts and cheap air tickets.  The trick is to visit as many online ticketing agents as you can and then compare their offerings until you zero in on the most irresistible deals.  

One of the best ways to get the most benefit from online air ticket booking is for travelers to set a flexible schedule for their travel date and time. This means that you adjust the time and day of your travel to slower periods for passenger demand.  When passenger demand is slow, airlines are forced to reduce rates in order to fill up their flights. This is the best time to book your airline ticket.

There are many other times and situations that compel airlines to offer discounted airfares, such as flights in the course of the night and those during noontime.  Flights that run into high noon are found inconvenient by many travelers who want to have a full lunch on trips, while overnight flights are commonly avoided by passengers who need a quiet, restful sleep.      

Online booking websites are alert and ever on the lookout for these times when airlines are offering discounted airfares, which information they then convey to travelers post-haste.  

Monday, December 20, 2010

Air Travel Deals on Holidays

When people get into the holiday mood, their attention usually turns to travel to go on a holiday escapade and have more time for fun and adventure.  Aware of this universal yearning for travel during holidays, airlines and travel agents unveil a list of special holiday air travel deals.      

For example, holiday revellers can go to Florida from different parts of the US on airfare that starts at $39 each way.  Going to the festive city of Las Vegas?  Air Canada has a low-cost carrier that sets bargain prices for travel across Canada and to Las Vegas.

Travellers can save up to 15 percent instantly if they fly from over 60 US cities on preferred airlines that offer air travel deals on holidays.  You can go as a group of eight on the same reservation and receive the instant 15 percent discount for all travellers.  This offer is valid starting January 25, 2011 onwards.

On December 31, or New Year’s Eve, Lufthansa will fly travellers from the US to Europe on web fares starting at $316.  On the same route, Qantas provides frequent flyer points of up to 1 million to those who book their tickets online. 

Holiday travel deals are also available at 5 percent discount on low-cost airlines to Hawaii.   But this is valid only if the starting points are Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Phoenix, San Francisco and Washington. It has already started and will be available until June 18, 2011.

If these discounted air ticket rates fail to impress you, then you should hear about the last-minute getaways that cut costs by up to $100 from normal fares.  All you need to do is purchase a package of air plus hotel, or air plus a car, or air plus a car and hotel. You can purchase a package as a single traveller, a couple or as a family.

If your total package price, including all taxes, is $500 to $699 you receive an additional $50 off instantly. If your total purchase price is $700 to $899 you will receive $75 off your package instantly, or if your package price is $900 or more you will receive $100 off instantly.  However, additional fuel surcharges and international taxes are excluded from the discount.

For Europe-bound holiday travellers from any part of the world, there are air travel deals with the come-on slogan: See More of Europe for Less.  These provide free stopovers in London and Paris, which strikes a chord because travellers love stopovers anywhere in Europe free of charge.  The stopovers give travellers more opportunities to see more of Europe at less cost.    

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top Reasons for Booking Air Tickets on Christmas

The approach of Christmas is known as among the busiest periods for travel.  At this time of year, airlines and their ticketing offices are besieged by people seeking to spend the holiday season in fun places outside their home countries.   

There are many reasons why people book air tickets for Christmas travel, the chief of which is the need to visit relatives and family friends based in other countries.  Thus, many poor countries that need tourist revenues provide enticements to citizens who work and live in richer nations to return home for the Christmas holidays. They could bring home any goods they want tax-free.   
For the same purpose, some air ticket bookings are made by people who could not travel at Christmas time but for the benefit of relatives in other places that they want to spend the holidays with. The tickets are simply sent to the relatives who then take the flight to visit and stay with the purchaser of the tickets for the duration of the Christmas season.

The search for a new and different experience is another major reason why air ticket booking on Christmas goes overdrive.  For example, people in landlocked countries book air tickets to spend the Christmas holidays in beach resorts. Conversely, those who are used to beaches and the sea book air tickets for metropolitan areas known for their skyscrapers and other urban delights.        

Then there are the shopping meccas that draw people from all over the world.  Paris attracts shoppers keen on the latest fashions, while those who want expensive jewelry for their Christmas shopping will fly to Switzerland.

For some heartbroken people, Christmas may also be a good time for escape.  Let’s say a family tragedy struck while you were celebrating Christmas in the not-too-distant past. As a result, the people involved come away from the experience hating to be reminded of anything Christmassy.  So they book air tickets for places that don’t make so much fuss about Christmas perhaps because of non-Christian beliefs. 

Natives of tropical countries dream of a white Christmas and the holidays afford them a chance to make this dream come true.  So they book travel to Europe and North America to celebrate Christmas with snowmen around.  The United States is a popular destination for Christmas not only because of the snow but also because of the famous New Year’s Eve celebration on Times Square.

Not all tickets purchased at Christmas time are used for the holidays, however.  Many people actually book their tickets during the holidays for use next summer to take advantage of cheap air tickets.      

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holidays a Great Time for Air Travel Deals

Photo by Chen Mizrach on Unsplash

The travel itch gets stronger during the holiday seasons when the opportunity to bond with family and friends presents itself.  Everyone is free from work and the kids are out of school.  What better way to do it than to travel together to exciting and romantic places? 

Holidays are also a great time for air travel deals when airlines outdo one another to get the most number of flyers and travelers.  Consequently, holidays become a time for air travel discounts and special rates.  These are called holiday airfare deals by many airlines.
Supply-and-demand economics tells us that slower days are probably the best days for snagging bargains, not to mention the convenience of less crowded conditions. But air travel is not always predictable.  Sometimes, the very slow days are excluded from airfare deals and discounted hotel rates which are instead reserved for holidays.
The most popular routes and destinations during the holiday season can be booked solid for six months or more in advance. Many others are available in the golden days of autumn, but the standard rule here is if you find an acceptable rate, book it. Waiting for a last-minute deal on a specific route is usually a bad idea because rates often rise steadily in November for December travel.

Online air ticket booking makes it easier to find and book travel packages at great prices.  With the right travel website, you can save even more by booking your flight, hotel, and car rental together.  This is because some travel websites work closely with top travel brands to ensure that you get the best vacation deals possible.  

The more popular travel websites offer discount vacation packages to the most sought-after destinations around the globe.  You may go on an all-inclusive vacation to kid-friendly destinations, romantic and leisure travel.  Choosing the right vacation package has never been easier or more affordable.  Check out some suggestions in the "Deals by Destination" or "Deals by Interest" sections. Whichever selection you choose, you can be sure that you will get where you want to go at a price that’s easy on the pocketbook. 

So when you get the urge to travel, do it in time for the holidays.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where Christmas Travel is Fun and Enjoyable

The holiday season is on for travelers to fly to places where they can partake of Christmas fairs, buy traditional souvenirs, taste the national Christmas dishes of different countries, and listen to festive music that celebrates the birth of Christ.  In Europe and neighboring countries, the centers of holiday travel are Finland, the Czech Republic, London, Maldives, Hungary, and Germany.  Come New Year Brazil will be the focus of holiday celebrations.    

Finland tops the list of holiday travelers because this is where the real Santa Claus supposedly lives.   So visitors there will be treated at Santa’s house where they are taken for a ride on a reindeer-pulled carriage.  You can also go dog sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and skiing.

Accommodation may be a cozy cottage in Lapland or a hotel in Helsinki.  Christmas in nearby Kemi features an ice festival, during which the enthusiasts build lifesize snow hotels in which tourists can spend the night. There are countless winter activities such as the “games of the first snow” and “Rally in the Hills,” Winter Games in Ounasvaara, “Polar Trails,” and “Arctic Golf Santa Claus.”

For visitors who prefer skiing, the ski resorts of the Czech Republic are an excellent choice.  This country is also noted for Carlsbad, where people bathe in outdoor thermal springs during winter.   From December 5 to 24, the capital Prague turns into a huge Christmas fair. 

The music-minded travelers usually head for London at this time of year when Christmas music festivals are held at the Royal Festival Hall. 

But for those who yearn for Gypsy music, Hungary is the place where a Hungarian music and wine festival is held in Budapest with the participation of the world-famous Gypsy Orchestra.  After the celebrations, everyone will be able to plunge into the hot mineral springs, which are so many throughout Hungary.

Daily shows also await Christmas travelers in Germany, specifically in Nuremberg where the Christmas market called Kriskindlesmarkt is held along with daily shows.  The Largest Christmas beer festival will present 75 beer brands for beer lovers in the Belgian city of Essen.  

Christmas celebrations are also worth experiencing in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and Maldives.  For those who want a warmer Christmas, they may go to Brazil, where New Year’s Eve becomes a fiery carnival centering on the beaches of Copacabana.  The only thing to remember is that the organizers expect more than 2 million participants in the night festivities, which means that even a ticket to the beach on the subway should be bought in advance.