Thursday, May 19, 2011

Conquer Your Fear of Flights

Flight schedule
Photo by Erik Odiin 

If you have a fear of flying, don’t get too self-conscious about it. You are not alone. Lots of people, regardless of age, sex, and social status, get sweaty palms and get all jittery when the plane is skidding down the runway. It doesn’t matter how many times the pilot will tell you how safe the plane is; you just keep getting visions of the plane crashing in the middle of the open sea. Fear of flying is definitely a hassle for those who want or have to travel, but there are various ways to overcome this phobia. 

First, you have to remember that plane travel is actually safer than land travel. When you compare the number of automobile accidents to the number of plane crashes that happen every year, you will notice that the figures are in favor of plane travel. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of people working to make sure that your plane is in good shape, so don’t be afraid to buy those air tickets.

Second, you have a solid ally with the internet. Not only can you book online plane tickets, but you can also do research and read up on plane safety. You will find out how a plane works, from the mechanics and technical parts to the safety measures practiced by the pilot and flight crew when aboard the plane.  You will find out how important it is to follow the rules set by the pilot and flight attendants for passengers. You will know how vital the seat belt is to your safety and how to deal with turbulence during flight. 

If you have a fear of flying, you must choose your seat with care. When booking for air tickets, make sure to get seats near the aisle. Some people get freaked out when they sit by the window and see how high they really are from the ground. When you are seated near the aisle, you can pretend that you are just inside a big bus with lots of passengers.  Bring stuff that can distract you from your fear of flying; your laptop, iPad, Playstation, or books and magazines can keep you occupied during the flight.