Tuesday, October 9, 2012

70 New Airports for China by 2015

Within the next three years, China will be establishing 70 new airports as part of the large-scale plan to expand the aviation industry despite the economy slow-down.

As pointed out by Li Jianxiang, the head of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), this idea to build more airports in the country is based on its significant increase in fleet – after settling a plan to buy more than 300 carriers in a span of five years.

Li added during the annual general meeting of IATA that aside from the plan to construct new airports, the old ones will be expanded and improved. This arrangement would give China more than 230 flight hubs by 2015, to cater to the 4,700 planes which are expected to be owned by the nation by then.

This ambitious move was set after IATA head Tony Tyler revealed that the global profits from airlines would most likely decrease due to the skyrocketing oil prices and various crises. Although the industry in Asia Pacific is expected to receive a total of US$2 billion gains, it is still less than half of the income received on 2011.

The group did not provide any prognosis to the Chinese market, especially that it has been a constant favorite of travelers and the Chinese people love travelling. However, the slowing economic growth of China (along with India) can be partly blamed.

In the first quarter of 2012, China’s economy raised only to 8.1%. It is the slowest pace in three years.

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