Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Grab the Best Deals on NATAS Travel Fair 2013

NATAS 2013

On 16 - 18 of August, 2013, the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore will once again gather various travel organizations and agencies, as well as those who have penchants for going places, for one of the biggest and most anticipated travel fairs in Singapore, the NATAS Holidays 2013.

The said event will feature different institutions offering a plethora of travel packages and deals which many people will surely find amusing and convenient. However, the best deals do not come instantly. Certain preparations must be done by those willing to attend the fair. They should equip themselves with knowledge on how to actually get through the event successfully.

First and foremost, everything should be planned.
The NATAS Travel Fair 2013 is a vast exposition that provides people with a wide set of options on cheap flights, hotel bookings, travel packages, and many more. It could then get a little stifling choosing what suits one best. Thus, people are advised to figure out their plans first and stick to it as they find their preferred deals in the fair. This is not just saving time and effort. It is also a good way of saving money, as it takes people away from the idea of impulsive spending. Listing down all the necessary points about the planned holiday will surely be helpful.

Doing research comes next.

One must have even a general idea about his preferences. Meaning, he should have even the slightest inkling as to how much the package would most likely cost, and where to find one. The internet is a good starting point. One should find trustworthy Singapore travel agent to simplify the search. The probability is huge that the company will be participating in the fair – promoting with packages and deals in prices cheaper than expected.

Being on time is also an imposing thing one should remember to make the most out of the fair. As the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.

So it is safe to say that those who are determined to get the best deals from the participating concessionaires will have to be there as soon as the doors to the venue open. Most travel agencies offer discounts and promotions in a limited quantity, so time is greatly of the essence. It is best to wake up early than find out later on that every good deal has already been snatched by others.

Lastly, one can totally survive the fair by bringing a friend or family.

Like traveling, attending it is better done with a company. Everything becomes a bit more fun and exciting. For all we know, the fair may also serve as a great venue for some good bonding and adventure.

Basically, all preparations for the forthcoming NATAS Fair 2013 are assured to be worth it. Lots of deals on cheap flights, hotel bookings and tour packages are up for grabs. The event will be held at Singapore EXPO, Halls 3, 4 & 5A. Doors are open from 10AM to 9:30PM. Admission fee is SG$4 per person. Children below 12 years of age may enter for free.

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