Monday, December 27, 2010

Book Online for Cheap Air Tickets

Air ticket booking on websites is now the most preferred way of booking flights because of the special deals and promo tours that boil down to discounts and cheap air tickets.  The trick is to visit as many online ticketing agents as you can and then compare their offerings until you zero in on the most irresistible deals. 

One of the best ways to get the most benefit from online air ticket booking is for travellers to set a flexible schedule for their travel date and time. This means that you adjust the time and day of your travel to slower periods for passenger demand.  When passenger demand is slow, airlines are forced to reduce rates in order to fill up their flights. This is the best time to book your airline ticket.

There are many other times and situations that compel airlines to offer discounted air fares, such as flights in the course of the night and those during noontime.  Flights that run into high noon are found inconvenient by many travellers who want to have a full lunch on trips, while overnight flights are commonly avoided by passengers who need a quiet, restful sleep.     

Online booking websites are alert and ever on the lookout for these times when airlines are offering discounted air fares, which information they then convey to travellers post-haste. 

One of the best friends of travellers on the hunt for cheap air fare tickets is, which provides a long list of the world’s major airlines that set forth great airfare prices. is an online hotel and air ticket portal owned by Cultural and Entertainment Holidays Pte Ltd. (C & E Holidays).  We are one of the subsidiary companies of Tiong Aik Group of Companies.  Operating since 1960, C & E Holidays has over 40 years of travel-related experiences.

Booking air tickets with means more savings since the air fares it offers for over 100 airlines are discounted.  The service charges are also very low.  This is especially true for air tickets to Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, USA, Europe, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and China.

This kind of services hews with the mission of the online booking agent to provide customers with total travel service in terms of excellence and affordability.  At present, tour packages are available for air tickets from Singapore to Shanghai, Beijiing and Korea.

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