Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top Reasons for Booking Air Tickets on Christmas

The approach of Christmas is known as among the busiest periods for travel.  At this time of year, airlines and their ticketing offices are besieged by people seeking to spend the holiday season in fun places outside their home countries.   

There are many reasons why people book air tickets for Christmas travel, the chief of which is the need to visit relatives and family friends based in other countries.  Thus, many poor countries that need tourist revenues provide enticements to citizens who work and live in richer nations to return home for the Christmas holidays. They could bring home any goods they want tax-free.   
For the same purpose, some air ticket bookings are made by people who could not travel at Christmas time but for the benefit of relatives in other places that they want to spend the holidays with. The tickets are simply sent to the relatives who then take the flight to visit and stay with the purchaser of the tickets for the duration of the Christmas season.

The search for a new and different experience is another major reason why air ticket booking on Christmas goes overdrive.  For example, people in landlocked countries book air tickets to spend the Christmas holidays in beach resorts. Conversely, those who are used to beaches and the sea book air tickets for metropolitan areas known for their skyscrapers and other urban delights.        

Then there are the shopping meccas that draw people from all over the world.  Paris attracts shoppers keen on the latest fashions, while those who want expensive jewelry for their Christmas shopping will fly to Switzerland.

For some heartbroken people, Christmas may also be a good time for escape.  Let’s say a family tragedy struck while you were celebrating Christmas in the not-too-distant past. As a result, the people involved come away from the experience hating to be reminded of anything Christmassy.  So they book air tickets for places that don’t make so much fuss about Christmas perhaps because of non-Christian beliefs. 

Natives of tropical countries dream of a white Christmas and the holidays afford them a chance to make this dream come true.  So they book travel to Europe and North America to celebrate Christmas with snowmen around.  The United States is a popular destination for Christmas not only because of the snow but also because of the famous New Year’s Eve celebration on Times Square.

Not all tickets purchased at Christmas time are used for the holidays, however.  Many people actually book their tickets during the holidays for use next summer to take advantage of cheap air tickets.      

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