Friday, December 30, 2011

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Asia?

Harry Potter in Asia? Millions of “Harry Potter” fans in Asia were elated with the news of having a theme park based on the character of the “boy who lives” as part of the future attractions in the Universal Studios Singapore and Japan.

Asian fans of the famous J.K Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series might get a chance to experience the magic of the ‘Wizarding World” in Japan or Singapore according to TravelWeekly.Asia. It said that reports have suggested that themed parks based on the character of the famous boy wizard could be coming to Japan and Singapore. If this attraction will push through, air ticket booking to Singapore and Japan will increase in numbers as fans across Asia surely would not miss this exciting experience.

NBC Universal will be rolling out its “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” to the theme park of Universal Studios in Los Angeles after its successful launch at the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida last year.

With the movie’s phenomenal success worldwide, theme parks of Universal Studios in Japan and Singapore could also be in line for future “Wizarding World”. Although there has been no confirmation from the management of NBC Universal, this project will surely attract more tourists to book air tickets to Singapore and Japan.

TravelWeekly.Asia is a business travel news portal in Asia for news and research for organizations that manage travel. It provides daily business travel news updates and regular tourism-related information.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tourist Attractions in Bali, Indonesia: Flying off to Paradise

One thing which not everybody knows is that paradise can actually be spelled as B-A-L-I. For indeed, the beautiful island of Bali Indonesia is basically a preview of all the good things the heavens can offer.

Deemed a major island in Indonesia, Bali is presently hailed as one of the best tourist spots in the country. The primary attraction is its vast ocean of blue which complements the purity of the white sand on its shores. It is further emphasized by the humidity of the tropic weather. Tourists who love hitting the water will definitely find great pleasure at the mere sight of it.

Besakih Temple
However, the island does not content one’s satisfaction by its beaches alone. It also features the thousand year-old Besakih Temple. In it, tourists who are in search of peace of mind and solitude may find the calmness they have been longing for.

Safari and Marine Park
For those who love the wildlife, taking a trip to Bali Safari and Marine Park is a strong advice. Doing so will not just improve one’s knowledge about the life in the jungle and underwater. Through it, tourists may also understand how good it feels to be part of the protectors of the wild and the sea.

Botanical Garden
With air tickets to Bali, one can also be given the chance to visit the Bali Botanical Garden. It is this experience which will literally awe the tourists of the different wonders of nature manifested on various species of trees and flora; with some exclusively found in Bali.

The island of Bali definitely brings forth surprises to any visiting vacationer. With its intrinsic beauty and gloriousness, it is undoubtedly a paradise in its own right. And more than anything else in the world, it is an air ticket to Indonesia which could bring one to a paradise called Bali.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sights to Explore in Singapore - Part 2

Although the Lion City is just a small country, you’ll be amazed how they maximized its land to paved way for parks and nature sanctuaries perfect for re-charging and relaxing after a day of conquering the streets of Singapore. Botanical Garden, Bird Park, National Orchid Garden, Marina Bay and Esplanade are some of the places where you can just sit and take a rest while enjoying the sights around you.

Marina Bay

Another attraction that will be worthy of booking air tickets to Singapore is the Asian Civilisation Museum. It is considered as the pioneering museum in the region to specialize in pan-Asian cultures and civilizations. It offers in-depth information regarding the material history of China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia, from which the diverse ethnic groups of Singapore trace their ancestry. Paying a visit to this museum will certainly enrich one’s knowledge and understanding of the country and its people.

For those who just love to be with animals, exploring the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari will surely be an entertaining and enjoyable experience. Singapore Zoo is one of the world’s spectacular zoo, using natural barriers like streams, rock walls and vegetation to separate the animals from the visitor, to present an “open zoo” concept. It is home to 3,600 mammals, birds and reptiles, including rare and endangered species.

Night Safari is considered as the world’s first nocturnal zoo. It is among the popular tourist attractions in Singapore, housing more or less 1,040 animals of 120 species, 29% of which are endangered species. The Night Safari is an open-air zoo set in the humid tropical forest which is only open at night. Its eight geographical zones can be explored by foot or by tram.

A tour of Singapore’s outlying islands will give its visitors an experience of total contrast of the life in the mainland. Offering peace, tranquillity and in some cases, a traditional village lifestyle that has changed very little over the years, these small islands are perfect for those who would like to have a break from the crowded street of the city. The island of Pulau Ubin, Kusu Island, St.John Island, The Sister’s Island and the Pualu Hantu are just around the corner of the glittering skyscrapers of the CBD area and the swanky shopping malls of Orchard Road, thus making them easily accessible to tourists.

It also features varying fascinating sightseeing opportunities, fantastic attractions and activities who would like the best destination for out-door lovers; its strong economy attracts millions of business travellers each year; this tiny island occupies a strategic position, it has always been the gateway of the surrounding countries to the rest of the world. As one of the busiest city in Asia, Singapore has the highest standard of hospitality to achieve the satisfaction of all levels.

Singapore always welcomes you with a promise to give you a breathtaking and an experience which will always last in your memories. To experience this modern island in its full strength you would need to a little help and guidance to reach the island's talking points.

 Sights to Explore in Singapore - Part 1

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sights to Explore in Singapore - Part 1

Singapore is a paradise for tourists offering a unique blend of modern, historical and natural beauty. The city has a modern transportation system, world-class hotel and restaurants, English-speaking population and a mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures. With its unique blend of cultures, reflected in its architecture, festival and cuisine, Singapore offers a multitude of sightseeing opportunities to anyone who wishes to book air tickets to Singapore to explore the lion city.

Its tropical climate allows each visitor to have a wonderful time discovering the city’s places of interest any time of the year. The country’s efficacy and modern technology also entices tourists in securing an air ticket booking Singapore. Being a small country with an area of 693 sq. Km., you can even do the sightseeing in Singapore within the day or while waiting for a connecting flight to your destination. Here are some of the places commonly visited by tourists in Singapore for their significant and important role in the country’s history and development.

Chinatown is one of the oldest Chinese settlements in Singapore. It is an ethnic neighbourhood featuring distinctly Chinese cultural elements and a historically concentrated ethnic Chinese population. The Chinatown Heritage Center, Chinatown Food Street and Chinatown Night Market are among the popular places which appeals to tourists. While exploring Chinatown, you can taste the traditional Chinese food and pick up some artistic handcrafts from the shops along the way.

The fascinating Little India is a place where one can experience the Indian culture. It’s quite popular with the tourists because of the authentic cuisine and an array of souvenir items that can be purchased at very affordable prices. Mustafa Shopping Centre, Tekka Centre, Tekka Mall, Little India Arcade and Serangoon Plaza are some of the places where one can find the cheapest stuff. The temples, mosque and churches reflecting the diverse culture and religious beliefs of its citizens are also sights to explore so be sure to have your camera with you.

Aside from these above mentioned places where one can experience the different cultures existing harmoniously in the modern city of Singapore, a tour of the city itself will enrich the visitor’s knowledge about its humble beginnings and its greatest achievement as one with the strongest economy in Asia.

The Parliament House which is located at the Civic District within Singapore’s Central Business District is a cultural landmark which houses the Parliament of Singapore. Within the Central Area which features the tallest buildings and landmarks of the country is the Raffles Place, commercial district named after the founder of modern Singapore - Sir Stamford Raffles. Across the road is the Supreme Court building designed to represent a contemporary architectural expression of its stateliness and authority. The prism-shaped top of the building is considered as a modernist take on the traditional dome.

Sights to Explore in Singapore - Part 2

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lao Airlines Fly Directly To Singapore

Lao Airlines is the newest link of Singapore to its neighbouring countries, which means that the Lion City is now directly connected to all other nine ASEAN members. November 29, 2011 marked the arrival of the first direct flight from Vientiane to Singapore. Flights from Vientiane to Singapore will be a thrice-weekly services.

This newest direct flight shows strong bilateral ties between Laos and Singapore. According to Travel Weekly Asia, Laos’ top ten foreign investors include Singapore, with investment from sectors of manufacturing and hospitality. It also stated that the bilateral trade between the two countries saw a substantial growth of 40 percent year-on-year to reach U$29million during the first nine months of the year 2011.

Since Laos joined the ASEAN in 1997, Singapore and Laos have been regular cooperation and exchange partners in education, health care and tourism. Passengers travelling between the two countries increased steadily within the last five years. Statistic shows that Singaporean visitors to Laos grew about 8% annually while the number of citizens of Laos who purchased an air ticket booking to Singapore increased by some 25% every year. With the direct flight connecting the two countries, business and leisure travel are expected to increase in numbers.

Laos is also positioning itself as an attractive place for investment as well as a tourist destination featuring rich heritage sites which visitors from around the globe will enjoy.

Home to many ancient wonders such as the mysterious Plain of Jars, the UNESCO World Heritage of Luang Prabang and the Vat Phou Temple complex, Laos is indeed rich in culture and history.

With this new direct flight, Singapore is more accessible now for the citizens of Laos who would like to seek medical treatment, tour the Lion City or expand their field of study as well as use Singapore as a stop-over point to other destinations.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting Out of Trouble Before Boarding a Flight

Even after booking that cheap flight from budget airlines, it is not impossible for travellers not to experience some last-minute conflicts in travelling; and most often, these simple problems can result to bigger difficulties if not patched up early. That is why it is important for people travelling to always double check things.

However, if the conflict cannot really be helped, below are some tips to easily fix everything in place:

Tickets, like passports, are the most important thing to get a person board a plane. But in inevitable instances that it is forgotten or lost, people should calm down. Nowadays, electronic tickets are replacing the traditional ones so it is easier to get another copy of it from the computer. Another option is to remember the flight number because airline companies always have a master list of reservations and booked flights. With a few proofs of identity, it is possible to obtain another ticket from them in an instant. However, it has to be understood that certain amounts may be paid by the passenger as compensation to the lost ticket.

A passport is definitely important and since its processing takes time, it is best to keep spare photocopies of the passport’s information page, as well as the page where the visa is stamped. This is just a precaution in case it gets lost. Upon discovering that it is gone, the passenger should contact the local embassy or the passport-issuing department to report its loss. In case of being just forgotten, the passenger should at least ask a colleague to get it.

There are instances when people just cannot help but be late. There is a variety of possible reasons for this. In case this happens, the passenger should keep calm. Usually, departure schedules are earlier than the actual flight so it will most likely be okay. However, the passenger should hurry to the airport.

The errors could be due to different instances. It could be due to the times or to personal errors. However, a passenger should not let any of these possibilities ruin the flight. So cautiousness and preparation are necessary. To make things easier, it is best to get air tickets from online air ticket booking websites.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spend Less and Travel More With These Cost-Saving Tips

Value for money is one of the main concerns when planning a holiday trip. It’s just common to look for the cheapest air fare and take advantage of promotional rates offered during off-peak season. With the raising cost of living and economic instability all over the world, everyone looks for every possible way to lower the costs while maximizing the travel experience.

Check out the following tips to save costs while having your well-deserved break:

Travelling light can be a wise decision. Choose the clothes which are light and can be worn in different ways so that you won’t end up spending the money you have saved from getting air tickets promo.

Going for a holiday with friends does not only guarantee that your trip will be full of fun and excitement, it can also be a cost-saving option as most travel packages becomes cheaper when you travel in a group. Accommodation will definitely be cheaper if you’ll share the room with your friends.

Plan your trip ahead and avoid the peak-season period during festivals, conventions or major sports events. You can hardly find affordable accommodation and cheap air tickets during these periods.

After you have booked the available cheapest air fare, do your research and equipped yourself with useful information about the place you are going to visit. Take note of the areas where you can buy the cheapest souvenir items or affordable place to try the authentic cuisine and sample local delicacies.

Read about places you are planning to visit once you have settled your air ticket. Know the available modes of transportation you can use to reach the different tourist’s destination. Taking trains and buses save costs however be sure to have the correct information or better yet secure a map to avoid wasting your time if you got lost. You may also consider walking instead to explore the area and discover new things along your way.

As you list down the places you are planning to cover for the day, do not forget to put snacks into your bag with your water bottle. This will save you the hassle from searching a place to buy food or drink when you get hungry and at the same time save your money.

It is also important to know the exchange rate of your money to the currency of your destination. It will help you to determine how much you need to bring along for your trip. If you are planning to use credit cards, keep track of your expenses so that you won’t end up spending beyond what you have allotted for the trip.

Keep track of your travel documents. Always put them in a secure and safe place. Getting a replacement while you are abroad will surely cost you a huge sum of money.

You can start saving by choosing the best available promo for air tickets. Remember that travelling abroad is one of the best ways to reward your self for working hard all year round. Nevertheless you don’t need to consume all your savings for the entire year if you only make conscious effort to cut down costs in every possible way.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Everyone Can Go With The Cheapest Air Fare!

Most of the kids if not everyone looks forward to spending fun-filled activities during school vacation. It is the perfect time for them to do the things they cannot do during school term. Some parents take advantage of this period to spend quality time with their children by going for a family vacation.
Nowadays, family trips are more affordable because of cheap air fares and accommodation that are conveniently available online. Numerous travel companies even have attractive deals for family package designed to cater for the needs of the family.

Although going for a holiday trip with the entire family will mean spending quite a big sum of money, opting for cheapest air ticket will surely lessen the cost. Here are more cost-saving tips when planning for a family getaway:

1.Use the Web to search for best deals for vacation packages, cheapest air fares and discounted hotel rates. Online travel deals are usually cheaper especially during promotional period and they are easily accessible through the internet.

2.Choose off-the-beaten path destinations. Avoid the crowd and visit those places which are less popular to tourist. It will give plenty of time for the family to explore and discover new things about the place, its people and their culture while laughing and having a good time together.

3.Settle for more affordable accommodation. If going for the Disneyland will mean a perfect holiday for kids, go for hotels which are not located within the premise of the theme park. Comfortable and convenient accommodations are cheaper outside the premise of the theme park. Transportation won’t be a problem either as most hotels provide shuttle free bus for top tourist attractions within the area.

4.Travelling during off-peak season is one way to lessen the cost. During this period most airlines companies offer cheap air tickets to attract more travellers. Heavily discounted hotel rates and travel packages are also commonly found during this period.

5.Have a flexible date when planning for a holiday trip. You can save a considerable amount of money if you will plan the trip according to the availability of cheap air tickets and other promotional deals rather than determining the dates and location then finding affordable deals during that specific time frame. It is quite hard especially if the only available time for the family is during the school vacation however doing it several months before the school term ended will give you a higher chance of landing on affordable travel deals.

For sure there are more ways to save when going for a family vacation. With the prices of basic necessities in life getting more and more expensive as the years passed by, it is just wise to find every possible way to save especially when it comes to things which are not considered as “basic necessity” such as travelling.

With the hustle and bustle of modern society and the increasing needs of children to fulfil, parents often have a hard time spending quality time with their children. Travelling provides them this much needed break from work to strengthen the bonds with their children while imparting them important lessons in life during conversations as they take a relaxing time in the beach or explore historical sites. This is one of the good things brought about by advancement in technology, easily accessible information for cheap air fares and accommodation to provide more options for each family to plan a holiday trip that will strengthen the value of the basic unit of society.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Toy Story Land - The Latest Attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland

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With an additional attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland, tourists have one more reason to book air tickets to Hong Kong. Toy Story Land was officially opened last November 17, 2011. This new themed area is based from the Pixar movie entitled Toy Story.  Toy Story Land is designed to replicate Andy’s backyard from the movie itself. It contains giant props intended to make visitors small as the toys in the film.

They used bamboo to act as giant blades of grass surrounding the area. Many themed props and characters from the movie were used such as giant Woody, a giant Rex, an oversized plane and also a large ball.

The three main attractions are Slinky Dog Spin, RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. Children will howl with laughter as they join Slinky in a rollicking spin to catch his tail. RC Racer provides the thrill as it race along a 27 meter high U-shaped coaster while visitors will experience a high-flying adventure in the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop.

Toy Story Land also features interactive soldier drill training at the Toy Soldier Boot Camp. Barrel of Fun offers picture perfect moments with some of the movie’s character like Woody and Jessie. Visitors will have fun playing with Cubot as they mix and match different faces and voices of this spinning block toy. These attractions are accompanied by a range of souvenir shops and F&B outlets.

Hong Kong Disneyland will be opening more themed areas in the near future such as Grizzly Gulch in 2012 and the Mystic Point in 2013. Upon the completion of these expansions, the park’s footprint will increase to 23% and bring the total number of attractions, entertainment, facilities and shows to more than 100.

Let your children be the first one to share stories to their friends about the fun-filled attractions in the newly-opened Toy Story Land, search for affordable air tickets to Hong Kong and have a wonderful time playing with the toys of the Toy Story Land.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Top 10 Destinations Where You Can Have A Splendid Christmas

With the Christmas season fast approaching, people keep on searching and hoping to find discounted air fares which will allow them to celebrate this festive season abroad where they can have a different experience that will make the celebration extra special. If you are still hesitant and cannot make-up your mind where is the best place to spend this holiday season, take a look of the following list that might help you finalize your holiday trip.


If you enjoy sun, heat and waves Brazil is the best option to celebrate Christmas. With its spectacular nature and beautiful coast lines, every visitor will sure have a fabulous time in its fantastic beaches. With the two upcoming events set to take place in this largest country in South America namely FIFA World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016, tourism industry is picking up like never before.


With the economic crisis in Europe, tourism industry might also get affected. Keep on searching and you might land on a discounted air tickets to London which will enable you to take a close up look to a tilted Big Ben. Go for a shopping spree to a retail shops along the Oxford Street or visit the stunning landmarks such as the Tower Bridge and the Buckingham Palace. It will surely be an experience of a lifetime having a close up look on those places which have been part of the country’s rich history.


Considered as one of Africa’s most popular destination, Morroco is famous for its beaches and some of the best seaside towns such as Essaouira, Tangler and Asilah. It also possess natural wonders like Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Dessert and the Dades Valley.

United Sates of America

Celebrate this festive season in United States of America and get a chance to experience a white Christmas that you are dreaming of. However this huge country has a lot of things to offer beside the winter wonderland sceneries. It can also be a dream destination for history buffs. Head to the Washington D.C and take a look of its impressive array of museums and monuments or explore the magnificent Grand Canyon in Arizona. You might get lucky and find a discounted air tickets to the U.S.A if you will keep on searching.

South Africa

Enjoy miles of unspoiled beaches from the East Coast to the West Coast and experience a fun-filled Christmas at the beaches of South Africa. Visitors will also captivated by the picturesque locations of more than 20 National Parks spread through the country which offers diverse attractions of wildlife, mountains, floral scenery and more.


For those adventure seekers, spending holiday break might means visiting the Himalayan country and going for a trekking pilgrimage in Nepal. This country is not only known for breathtaking landscapes and excellent places for trekking and mountaineering, but also because of the hospitality and warmth of its people. Choose among the available air fare promo to Nepal and grant your wish for dream vacation filled with adrenaline rush.


Immerse your self in history as you tour the Acropolis and see the ruins of the ancient city in Athens, shop-til-you-drop in fun-shops at the Island of Hydra or spend your Christmas holidays in the Crete Island where you can find wonderful beach towns, great natural wonders and sophistication. Greece is indeed a destination which offers diverse package for a wonderful vacation.


Try searching for a discounted air fare to Portugal and you might get a chance to have abundant opportunities to celebrate your holidays with peace and serenity in little-trodden places away from the usual tourist circuits. Medieval castles, picturesque villages and flower draped hillsides will definitely make your vacation full of unforgettable memories.

Hong Kong

Disneyland will surely be the best place in Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas with its western concept considering that it is not a traditional Chinese festival. However a visitor might be surprise to see how this city adorn and decorate its trees with lights and snow to take part of the Christmas spirit. One of the most outstanding Christmas attraction is the Winterfest. Statue Square which is situated at the heart of the city is transformed into a winter wonderland with a Swarovski Christmas tree right at its centre.


With the tourism in Cuba not quite popular yet, it might be easy to find discounted air tickets for this island nation in the Caribbean. Have a taste of its famous mojito as you dance to the rhythm and music Cuba is well known for.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Making a Vacation Trip Truly Worthwhile

To travel to the world’s most beautiful places is one of the best rewards you could ever give yourself. Backpacking, as how it is usually termed, is probably one of the most ideal ways to regain the vigour towards work and daily living. So to make the most out of a vacation trip, it is not enough to just avail the cheapest air ticket. There are lots of things to do to make backpacking truly memorable.

First and foremost, it is really advisable to settle for airline companies offering discount air fare. After all, there is a huge chance that you will be a spending a fortune on your destination; so it is rather good to avail the cheapest offers.

Once you have already settled for the cheapest air ticket deals, it would be best to also avail of the cheapest hotel rate there is. But comfort should not be compromised. So it would be probably best to check on online air ticket booking sites which are tied up with air ticket booking companies for package deals.

After the bookings, the trip preparation begins. Other than the finances, you have to mentally get ready for the excitement of your trip. Spend a few days researching about the best locations in the country you are visiting. This way, you will have your itinerary beforehand and you would no longer waste your precious time deciding where to go, on the spot.

It is also recommended that you do check on some reviews detailing the culture of the locals you will probably be mingling with. After all, you will be a foreigner to their country and it is given that you will be the one to adapt to their ways of living. Learning their language is also a plus point. You do not have to worry, anyway, because people are naturally friendly, and understanding the way they are will surely do you good as how a discount airfare did.

Lastly, to make your getaway truly memorable, it is best to bring a friend to share the happiness with you. After all, the cheapest air fare is available. Anybody would not say no to that.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Truth about Philippines

It is not a secret that the Philippines is viewed by many in a negative light. Being a third-world country, many people pessimistically think that this Southeast Asian nation is dangerous, poor, and a bad idea – making it difficult to sell an air ticket to Philippines.

But what these people do not know about the Philippines is that it is much more than the news would report about it. Though there are isolated cases of terrorism attacks, the Philippines is still worth it to book tickets online for.

Factors are the beautiful places in the country, particularly the beach. As the Philippines is an archipelago with more than 7000 islands, it somehow follows that the country flaunts pristine and spectacular beaches. Few of the most acclaimed islands to give home to the most beautiful summer destinations like Boracay, Potipot, La Union, Batangas, and more. Among these, it is Boracay which is deemed as the place for which most people book an air ticket to Philippines.

Aside from the beaches, the Philippines is also made spectacular by the different festivals celebrated in the country. The festivals reflect the long-standing and blissful heritage of the Filipino people. Totally colorful and attractive, these festivals are ways of putting the Philippines back to where it really should be; and these act as convincing factors o make one book an air ticket to Philippines online immediately.

To book an air ticket to Philippines online also allows the travelers to immerse themselves to the one-of-a-kind culture of the people. Aside from the festivals, Filipinos’ way of living is definitely worth discovering. Doing so will permit foreigners to answer all questions they have in their minds about the Philippines. Further, it will make them experience the hospitability and cheerfulness of the Filipinos. After all, the locals are very sociable.

The Philippines is not a first-world country. It may not have commercial districts, shopping malls, or entertainment centers that are comparable to other countries’ but it has its own unique charm that comes from the pristine nature and vibrant culture it gives home to.

So foreigners need not to hesitate to book an air ticket to Philippines online. For cheap air tickets, one can obtain an experience that is worth a lifetime.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What an air ticket to Malaysia is worth?

The beauty of Malaysia is unquestionable. Being one of the most visited countries in Asia, it gives home to a lot of attractions, pristine nature reserves, and vibrant cultures that are unfathomably unique and beautiful. These are reasons why people keep on availing those air tickets to Malaysia.
But ‘attractions’, ‘pristine nature reserves’, and ‘vibrant cultures’ are too general to truly determine what an air ticket to Malaysia is worth. So below are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country which defines the significance of Malaysia-bound air tickets.

  1. Kuala Lumpur. The capital city of Malaysia, it is the center of the country’s economy. It gives shelter to different aspects of a dynamic community; like business & government offices, shopping malls, high-rise residential areas, and a lot more which serve as proofs of being upscale.

  1. Langkawi. The beauty of Malaysian nature is blatant in Langkawi. Aside from the famous beaches, it also boasts of different mountains, forests, lakes, rice fields, and rivers that are definitely breathtaking; which definitely makes a tour package to Langkawi worthwhile.

  1. Penang. Another Malaysian city, Penang is the place to be if you want to explore the colorful heritage of the country. The whole place is like a quintessence of the hybrid of the different cultures which molded the present Malaysia.

  1. Kota Kinabalu. Your tours to Malaysia will never be put into complete use without visiting Kota Kinabalu. The capital of Sabah, tropical luxury is best revealed in this place. With its areas dominated by lavish beach resorts which define opulence and total comfort, Kota Kinabalu is a nice destination to discover just what your air tickets are worth.

  1. Batu Ferringhi. One thing not all people would believe is that an air ticket to Malaysia is a key to paradise; and that paradise is Batu Ferringhi. An island in Malaysia, it gives home to the most pristine and spectacular beaches in the area. From there, you can enjoy white sand beaches and azure ocean water that are at par with the world’s bests.
Abovementioned are just some of the places to help you determine the worth of your air ticket to Malaysia. So explore paradise. Online air ticket booking sites will help you with settling your air tickets.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

AirTicketonSale's Photo Contest 2011

Win 2 air tickets to Hong Kong by just sending your most memorable photo!. This contest is open to residents – native and foreign – of Singapore. To qualify, you must click ‘Like’ on AirTicketonSale Facebook page. There will only be 1 winner for this contest; and all submissions should be original with the participant seen on the picture.

Contest Details:
*This contest is open to residents – native and foreign – of SINGAPORE who "Like" on Facebook
*1 lucky winner will win 2 airline tickets to Hong Kong
* Submission of entries is until September 22, 2011
* Voting period is until September 30, 2011
* Winners will be notified via EMAIL

Contest Mechanics:
How to join?
-       Submit your memorable photo (Family, Loved Ones or Friendship, Travel)
-       Only original photos are accepted to join the contest.
-       Contest participants should be seen on the submitted photo.
-       Email your photo to  with this format: "AirTicketOnSale Travel Photo Contest" in the subject area.
-       Hard copy of the submitted picture is required and needed to present once you win.
-       Be a current Fan of our official Facebook Page ( )

The winner will be determined based on the number of ‘likes’ in the photo. So to assure yourself of the spot, you can share the link, ask people to like the AirTicketOnSale Facebook page and cast their vote on your entry. Voting period is until September 30, 2011.

Official announcement of the lucky winner of the 2 airline tickets to Hong Kong will be on October 03, 2011.

So what are you waiting for? Start capturing those great moments now and send them to us!

For more details visit :

Spectating Europe and the Beauty It Has

Europe is the land of monarchs, fashion and luxury. It is a place where romance coincides with everything, in a setting that is a perfect beauty. Undeniably a dream destination, travelers works hard to grab an air ticket to Europe each; because flaunting a lot of wonderful spots and impressive edifices, it is a place where fantasy meets reality.

But Europe is such a big continent; so for first timers, the Lonely Planet has provided a brief and quick list of the few of the ideal destinations to stop by in touring this wonderful place:

1.       Paris. When Europe is mentioned, it is this lovely city in France which comes first to the minds of the majority. Giving home to the iconic Eiffel tower, Louvre Museum, Versailles and Arc de Triomphe, Paris is sure to take anybody’s breath away.

2.       London. The country of Shakespeare and Harry Potter, this UK city gives home to different highlights like the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Tate Modern.

3.       Barcelona. In Spain, this colorful city is worth the price of an airline ticket. Home to the organic Modernista architecture and Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, Barcelona is a place where people can explore much of the aesthetic worth of Europe.

4.       Rome. Known as the Eternal City, Rome is a perfect destination to lay eyes on world-famous structures like the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In Rome, another country can also be found: the Vatican City.

5.       Vienna. Imperial and spectacular, the city of Vienna is famous for its laid-back atmosphere that appeals so much to people who are looking for cozy trips and tranquil adventures.

6.       Berlin. An air ticket to Europe can bring one to the beautiful city of Berlin in Germany. Filled with must-see galleries and museums, it makes everyone understand how it was during the war era, and how Berlin has completely transformed after liberation. It is a rapidly changing city so people will not regret to avail an air fare promo to Berlin again.

7.       Athens. The land of gods and goddesses, this paradise is sure to take every breath away. A perfect escape from the usual kinds of sleek architecture, Athens will provide travelers with impressive buildings which range from ancient ruins to houses in the hill-top Acropolis.

A European tour is definitely worth it. It may be pricey but there are travel companies which offer budget air tickets to bring anyone to Europe and to the abovementioned cities. After all, everyone deserves the bests.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What We All Have to Learn About Carry-On Luggage

In travelling through planes, it is essential to know and understand the different rules and restrictions that are implemented towards carry-on luggage. It is as important as getting informed about the terms and conditions on air ticket booking.

So for first timers, here are a few reminders in packing your carry-on luggage. Learning these things by heart will surely do you all good and will certainly save you from being questioned by airport officials:

1. There is a definite size for carry-on luggage prescribed by the airlines. Measured by inches, some travellers fail to take into consideration the handle or external pockets of the bags they carry. It has to be understood that these things could also affect the size of the bag and could also be checked.

2. Personal gadgets like cellphones, cameras, music players, laptops and other small items can be put on the carry-on luggage. Purses and reading materials can also be put there.

3. The carry-on luggage should not be bulky. Plane rides are supposed to be comfortable. If you will have a carry-on luggage that is heavy and bulky, it could be an annoyance to you. Much more, it could even be a disturbance to your co-passengers.

4. Liquids and gels inside the carry-on luggage should be declared. Otherwise, it will be confiscated before boarding the plane. However, pledging it does not assure that it would get through. Most airlines only allow 3 ounces of liquid or gel in one carry-on luggage, and this is strictly observed. To avoid this, you must use hygiene items and cosmetics in solid form.

5. Medicines should be added on your carry-on luggage. If it is in liquid or gel form, it should be declared to airport officials for visual inspections. Restrictions on the amount to be brought do not apply in this case though.

6. Sharp objects like knives should be included in the checked luggage. Otherwise, it shall be confiscated. The same condition applies on sports items.

7. There is no way that flammable items and dangerous chemicals can be brought to boarding.

8. It is important to put these basic essentials on your carry-on luggage, on a part where it is safe and can be easily reached. These tickets, along with passports, are the most important things in the flight so better keep it close to you.

9. It should be understood before settling for an air ticket booking that international flights are definitely stricter when it comes to carry-on luggage. Domestic flights, most of the time, do not have limit in the size of the hand-carry, but the other conditions apply.

10. Food is not a restricted item so if you think that you cannot eat what will be served to you during the flight, it is ideal to bring your own meal. However, stinky and messy delicacies should be avoided.

Travelling is not just about air ticket booking. There are other things to consider as well. So learn the things mentioned above by heart for a very safe and unforgettable flight!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

AirTicketonSale Travel Photo Contest

Ever dreamed of visiting Hong Kong for free? Now is the chance to make it happen! Through the AirTicketonSale Travel Photo Contest of AirTicketonSale and C&E Holidays Pte Ltd, you can be the lucky participant to win 2 airline tickets to Hong Kong by just sending a self-photo during your most memorable vacation!
This contest is open to residents – native and foreign – of Singapore who loves travelling. To qualify, you must click ‘Like’ on AirTicketonSale Facebook page. There will only be 1 winner for this contest; and all submissions should be original with the participant seen on the picture.
Joining is definitely easy! After liking our page on Facebook (, you should email your photo to observing the following formats:
-       Subject of the email should be “AirTicketOnSale Travel Photo Contest”.
-       Message should consist of your name, contact number and a short description of your photo.
-       Image size should not exceed 5MB.
Please remember that in submitting your photo, you are giving ATOS the rights to use, archive and distribute the pictures without your consent. Deadline for submission of entries will be on (August 22, 2011 to September 22, 2011); and participants are allowed to submit one photo each.
Within 48 hours after the deadline, we will send you an email for notification and we will post your entry on the AirTicketonSale Facebook Page wherein you should tag yourself.
The winner will be determined based on the number of ‘likes’ in the photo. So to assure yourself of the spot, you can share the link, ask people to like the AirTicketOnSale Facebook page and cast their vote on your entry. Only the votes on ATOS’ main links will be counted.  Voting period is until September 30, 2011.
Official announcement of the lucky winner of the 2 airline tickets to Hong Kong will be on October 03, 2011. He or she will also be notified through email. 

So what are you waiting for? Start capturing those great moments now and send them to us!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 Travellers’ Trivia

Most often, it is curiosity which leads us to travelling to other countries. We hear stories about a certain place and the determination to prove the reality of the bits of information shared to us becomes our constant driving force to purchase air tickets that would bring us there.

So for those who are low-spirited about travelling and are just contented with a trip to the bars during weekend, here are few trivia to ponder on. Maybe, this will lead all of you to finding interest in backpacking and travels:
1.     Mount Everest in Nepal continuously grows. Growing an additional of 4mm every year, it seems like it is constantly assuring its title as the tallest peak in the world. At the moment, it measures around 8500-meter tall and it is a very challenging hiking destination for many.

2.     If an air ticket to Venice, Italy is unaffordable to you, then perhaps, a trip to Macau will somehow compensate. There is this one famous hotel called The Venetian Macao which allows its guests to enjoy gondola rides like how it is in Venice. It also has a fake ceiling that looks like the real sky, and is equipped with lighting facilities to adapt to the time of the day.

3.     There is this phenomenon called the Midnight Sun, wherein for 24 hours, there will be no darkness as the sun will be visible during the whole time.  It is visible on some part of countries crossed by the Arctic Circle. It is best seen from Norway.

4.     Many people say that seeing Aurora Borealis is one of the must-do before they die. And indeed, it should be because nothing could ever beat the glorious beauty of dancing colors in the night sky. It is best seen on countries in Arctic region like Alaska and Norway.

5.     Shoppers who can’t get enough of their favourite activity will love Seoul. In this South Korea city, there are over 25,000 shops which are open 24 hours a day.

6.     Backpackers who wouldn’t want to pay high rates of accommodation in Japan can enjoy the ‘Capsule Hotel’. It is definitely cheap and was started to cater the needs of Japanese office workers who missed the train due to overtime.

7.     The official name of Bangkok is "Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit".

8.     The world’s highest man-made waterfall is located in Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. It stands 30 meters tall.

9.     The Philippines has a great educational system which is relatively cheap compared to other countries’ so students may now settle their enrolment on Philippine universities and book tickets online.

10.   There is a huge diversity in language in the Philippines. Aside from the widely spoken Tagalog, there are more than 170 dialects used in the country.

There are lots of mysteries to unearth and trivia to discover about this world we are living in. So make life more interesting! Book tickets online now and see for yourself the wonders of this planet.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top Tourist Destinations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is said to have multiple personalities. A lot of beautiful spots and attractions can be seen in the region – perfectly satisfying the cravings of people for total entertainment and relaxation; and definitely proving that purchasing air ticket to Hong Kong is a good decision.

A small country it is, but it is gifted with natural beauty and is furnished with awe-inspiring modernity. Among the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong are as follows:

1. The Peak
Hong Kong flaunts a very beautiful skyline and there is no other place in the region which could give a more stunning view of it other than The Peak. Located a few hundred meters above sea level, this spot surely provides a good escape from the bustles of the downtown. The air is fresh and lush greens abound. Though quite commercialized already, The Peak is still an ideal destination for people who wish to calm their minds and souls.

2. Victoria Harbour
Splendid particularly at night, the Victoria Harbour is definitely a precious gem for the tourism industry of Hong Kong. It is one of the places which people will never get tired of. The main feature in the area is the Symphony of Lights wherein colorful light beams can be seen dancing on the blank sky, as emitted by more than 40 skyscrapers by the harbour. It is a magnificent sight to see, especially while on a romantic cruise across the river.

3. Ocean Park Hongkong
Since its opening on 1977, the Ocean Park Hong Kong has always been a great attraction. It houses fascinating animals like pandas, monkeys, rodents, alligators, salamanders and more species that are natives of Asia. It also has an amusement park wherein the main attraction is a 360-degree water-screen show.

4. Hong Kong Disneyland
One reason why one should purchase an air ticket to Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Disneyland. The fare to this magical world is relatively cheaper so people will have more cash intended for fun in the park. Features include rides, parks and encounters with Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck and the Disney Princesses.

5. Ping Shan Heritage Trail
To fully appreciate Hong Kong, one has to understand its history; and to do so, tourists must visit the Ping Shan Heritage Trail. It gives home to ancient pagodas, temples and edifices in which walls the colorful and rich history of the region is etched.  It is a haven for photographers.

There are lots of other places in Hong Kong which tourists must discover for themselves. It is certainly worth the visit.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Best Ways to Plan a Family Vacation

Planning a vacation for the whole family is not easy. Each family member has an idea of what he or she wants to do during the vacation, and most of them time, plans conflict and chaos ensues. The boys want to go fishing or hunting and the girls just want to relax by the pool and get a gorgeous tan. To make everybody happy during your vacation, you should plan things carefully before you buy your cheap air tickets. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

• Vote in the activities that you want to do during the vacation

To be fair and to make sure everybody will enjoy the vacation, vote on the things you want to do and the places you want to visit. First, it is important that all of you agree on the dates of your trip before you make your air ticket online booking. Then make each family member suggest great destinations for your trip. Narrow than your choices (using factors such as time and budget) then have everyone vote on them.

• Take turns in planning the vacation

It’s only fair that everyone will get the chance to plan the family vacation. But keep in mind that the one in charge will have to take care of everything – from planning the activities to managing the budget.

• Find a destination that can please all members of the family

You have to do some compromising on this one. It’s pretty hard to decide when grandpa wants to go to a hunting lodge while the women in the family want to go to the beach. Find a resort that can offer both and you will please everyone. If this is not possible and Grandpa has his way, promise the girls that they will get their beach vacation next time.

• Create a reasonable budget and stick to it

You have to make everyone understand the importance of sticking to the budget. You don’t want to end up broke after the trip, or worse, during the vacation itself. Everything must be covered – food, accommodations, shopping, and fare money.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ways to Avoid Getting Sick During Long Flights

It’s natural for some people to experience sickness during long flights. Dizziness, nausea, sweating, and vomiting are only some of the sickness that one can have staying in an airplane for long hours. There are lots of ways to avoid or cure airplane sickness. Here are some of them:

  • When you buy air tickets, make sure to choose a seat over the wing part of the plane. This part of the plane has less movement compared to the others, so staying here will minimize the chances of you getting nauseous. It will also depend on other factors, such as the size of the plane. You will most likely feel dizzier in small planes since turbulence and movement are more noticeable.

  • Choose a window seat. When you buy air tickets, make sure to select a window seat, which can help ease your dizziness during flight. During night time, try to take a nap since you can’t see anything from the window.

  • Avoid eating heavy meals before boarding the plane. Heavy food can make your stomach feel queasy during flight and can make you throw up. Just take a small meal before flight, preferably one that does not contain spicy or greasy foods.

  • Take anti-nausea medications before flight. This will help control the dizziness and will make you feel more rested during the trip. Most medications require you to take them an hour before boarding the plane.

  • Stay hydrated during the flight. Dehydration can cause dizziness and queasiness, so make sure to drink lots of water and juice while on board. Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake because this can make your skin dry.

  • Put candy or crackers in your hand carry. When you start feeling sick, you just eat these and you will feel better. Gums and ginger candy are recommended for those who have motion sickness.

  • If you are suffering from diseases such as epilepsy or diabetes, always carry the name and contact number of your doctor in your bag. This can save your life just in case you fall ill during flight.