Monday, August 19, 2013

Ways to Avoid Getting Sick During Long Flights

It’s natural for some people to experience sickness during long flights. Dizziness, nausea, sweating, and vomiting are only some of the sickness that one can have staying in an airplane for long hours. There are lots of ways to avoid or cure airplane sickness. Here are some of them:

  • When you buy air tickets, make sure to choose a seat over the wing part of the plane.
 This part of the plane has less movement compared to the others, so staying here will minimize the chances of you getting nauseous. It will also depend on other factors, such as the size of the plane. You will most likely feel dizzier in small planes since turbulence and movement are more noticeable.

  • Choose a window seat.
You can reserve or ask for a window seat, which can help ease your dizziness during flight. During night time, try to take a nap since you can’t see anything from the window.

  • Avoid eating heavy meals before boarding the plane.
Heavy food can make your stomach feel queasy during flight and can make you throw up. Just take a small meal before flight, preferably one that does not contain spicy or greasy foods.

  • Take anti-nausea medications before flight.
This will help control the dizziness and will make you feel more rested during the trip. Most medications require you to take them an hour before boarding the plane.

  • Stay hydrated during the flight.
Dehydration can cause dizziness and queasiness, so make sure to drink lots of water and juice while on board. Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake because this can make your skin dry.

  • Put candy or crackers in your hand carry.
When you start feeling sick, you just eat these and you will feel better. Gums and ginger candy are recommended for those who have motion sickness.

  • If you are suffering from diseases such as epilepsy or diabetes, always carry the name and contact number of your doctor in your bag.
This can save your life just in case you fall ill during flight.

Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Grab the Best Deals on NATAS Travel Fair 2013

NATAS 2013

On 16 - 18 of August, 2013, the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore will once again gather various travel organizations and agencies, as well as those who have penchants for going places, for one of the biggest and most anticipated travel fairs in Singapore, the NATAS Holidays 2013.

The said event will feature different institutions offering a plethora of travel packages and deals which many people will surely find amusing and convenient. However, the best deals do not come instantly. Certain preparations must be done by those willing to attend the fair. They should equip themselves with knowledge on how to actually get through the event successfully.

First and foremost, everything should be planned.
The NATAS Travel Fair 2013 is a vast exposition that provides people with a wide set of options on cheap flights, hotel bookings, travel packages, and many more. It could then get a little stifling choosing what suits one best. Thus, people are advised to figure out their plans first and stick to it as they find their preferred deals in the fair. This is not just saving time and effort. It is also a good way of saving money, as it takes people away from the idea of impulsive spending. Listing down all the necessary points about the planned holiday will surely be helpful.

Doing research comes next.

One must have even a general idea about his preferences. Meaning, he should have even the slightest inkling as to how much the package would most likely cost, and where to find one. The internet is a good starting point. One should find trustworthy Singapore travel agent to simplify the search. The probability is huge that the company will be participating in the fair – promoting with packages and deals in prices cheaper than expected.

Being on time is also an imposing thing one should remember to make the most out of the fair. As the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.

So it is safe to say that those who are determined to get the best deals from the participating concessionaires will have to be there as soon as the doors to the venue open. Most travel agencies offer discounts and promotions in a limited quantity, so time is greatly of the essence. It is best to wake up early than find out later on that every good deal has already been snatched by others.

Lastly, one can totally survive the fair by bringing a friend or family.

Like traveling, attending it is better done with a company. Everything becomes a bit more fun and exciting. For all we know, the fair may also serve as a great venue for some good bonding and adventure.

Basically, all preparations for the forthcoming NATAS Fair 2013 are assured to be worth it. Lots of deals on cheap flights, hotel bookings and tour packages are up for grabs. The event will be held at Singapore EXPO, Halls 3, 4 & 5A. Doors are open from 10AM to 9:30PM. Admission fee is SG$4 per person. Children below 12 years of age may enter for free.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Malaysian Nationals with Biometric Passports Allowed for Visa-Free Entry to Japan Beginning July 1, 2013

Beginning July 1, 2013, Malaysian nationals holding biometric passports are now allowed to book flights to Japan without hesitation as entrance to the country without a visa is now permitted. This is after the government of Japan had signed the visa waiver agreement in celebration of the 40th ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation.

In a press release circulated by the Japan National Tourism Organization, it is said that the biometric passport should have an embedded microchip which complies with ICAO standards. Bearers of this passport may stay in Japan for not more than three months. If exceeding, applying for an appropriate visa is necessary.

Due to this development, the number of Malaysians who travel to Japan is expected to escalate.

Japanese Visa Waived for Thais and Malaysians
Japanese Visa Waived for Thais and Malaysians
Japanese Visa Waived for Thais and Malaysians

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dealing with Travel Websites for Air Fare Deals and More

In the advent of technology, a lot has changed. What people usually do manually may now be done in just a few clicks on the computer. With a well-functioning computer and a reliable internet connection, what we leave the house for in the past may be accomplished in a matter of few minutes and in the comfort of our homes; and that includes buying cheap flight tickets and planning tours.

In pursuit of adapting to the now-highly technical market, many travel agencies had set up their official websites. Through these homepages, they can reach out to the traveling public easier than before. Since most people nowadays are endowed with the knowledge on the internet, marketing has become significantly simpler for the agencies.

But with all the hoaxes roaming around the World Wide Web, many people have gone doubtful about the credibility of travel websites, particularly when money is involved. However, one just needs to conduct proper background checking to realize that legitimate travel websites are actually helpful to the traveling public.

One thing that makes travel websites of great assistance to the people is that – as said – it simplifies everything. Instead of leaving the house and dealing with traffic, everything can be settled online. A few clicks, a few strokes on the keyboard; and the task is completed. Necessary proofs of transaction can be sent through email, and there is no need to pick things up from places.

Furthermore, online transactions with travel agencies would allow people to land on good deals. Usually, airline companies offer different promotions on air tickets through their partner agencies. Most of the time, these promotions are hailed exclusive only to online customers.

If lucky, people can also spot different budget package tours advertised on the website – basically allowing them to save money without sacrificing the fun. Many travel agencies arrange tours to different wonderful places, concentrating on divulging its history, culture and attractions to the tourists.

Dealing with travel agencies through their websites provides flexible payment options too. Aside from bank deposits and debit cards, most companies honor major credit cards; thereby assuring flexible payment options and easy transactions. As for trust issues, credible agencies do not disclose confidential details and do not do hideous scamming.

All in all, relying on travel websites would certainly allow people to land on great flights promotion. It might be a little doubtful at first, but it surely does great to the people who wish to travel the world once proven legitimate. Finding a credible travel agency is somehow easy though. Most of the time, these are those which have been in the business for years – and during that span of time has developed good professional relationships with big airline companies around the world.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Singapore Inbound Tourism Seen to Boost, Chinese and Indian Markets to be Tapped

SINGAPORE -  Inbound traffic of travelers, mainly from China and India, is expected to be the source of a huge boom in the Singapore tourism for the next few years. This is after a recent survey shows that outbound tourism will slightly decline as many Singaporeans are quite contented already with the amount of travel they had gone through.

Survey showed that almost 7.3 million trips from Singapore were conducted since 2010; whereas in China, only 4 percent of the population had gone out of the country. India has 1 percent. This statistics had driven the authorities to assume that the two nations are proven lucrative markets, and are worth the taps.

Therefore, it is presumed that given that the industry will exert more effort to reach out to the Chinese and Indian markets, a better inbound tourism will be in order. The trick is to lure travelers by opening more attractions and that would cater to all age groups, and providing more opportunities for entertainment and fun for the people.

This is not exactly a difficult thing to do because Singapore has already been at it since day one. Spearheading the lists of attractions which travelers would buy air tickets for to see are Resorts World Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore, and Gardens by the Bay. The fact that Changi International Airport is one of the world’s best also contributes to the reputation.

Furthermore, Singapore promises particular attention to the various needs of the travelers. Safety is the top-most priority, and that is basically what people from India, China, and other nations are after. 

Basically, this move does not just improve the number of tourist arrivals. It also strengthens tourist takings. Singapore hotels will particularly benefit from this – especially those hotels located in Little India and Chinatown – as travelers are expected to find a place to lodge in while in the country.
Singapore, in spite of being a rather small nation, is indeed up for some spectacular leaps on inbound tourism for the next few years. It is totally equipped to cater the needs of Chinese, Indian, and other nationalities. Though it is already ahead of others in the race, Singapore vows no stopping in furthering what it can give to people in terms of tourism.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Celebrating Songkran Festival

On April 13-15, 2013, Thailand will be once again embraced with a festive atmosphere as the world-renowned Songkran Festival gets celebrated. It is an important event that locals and foreigners alike cannot get enough of it. This explains while Singapore to Thailand flights are selling like hotcakes nowadays. Songkran is basically the most fun and exciting festival in Thailand and everybody is invited to partake in this momentous celebration.

During this festival, the whole nation turns literally ‘watery’ and ‘wet’. Buddha images are bathed and young people visit the elders to perform the rod nahm dum hua ceremony wherein the young ones pour scented water on the hands of the elders as homage.

In courtyards and monasteries, people also build sand replicas of stupas as part of the festival. They also set birds and fishes free.

But the fun begins when the locals and foreigners come out to the streets to splash water on each other. It’s a free-for-all water-throwing and it is customary to get wet. Armed with water guns, water hoses, and pails, people bond with each other in joy and exhilaration.

Songkran Festival is basically observed in all parts of Thailand. But the best place to celebrate it is in the northern province of Chiang Mai where events are held close to mayhem. Nonetheless, peace is observed and everything is just done for fun.

It is best to book Thailand tours which coincide with Songkran Festival early to avoid hassles. There would be no hesitations for sure. It will only be fun.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hong Kong Ocean Park Milestone

One should not be surprised if Hong Kong tours suddenly become more in-demand these days. This is after Ocean Park authorities announced the birth of a king penguin in the park. It is a momentous event since it is the first of its kind to be born in Hong Kong.

Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park had recently stated that the newborn animal ambassador is doing well in its environment. It is thought to be highly curious as it goes around its habitat with its parents. Ample foods are given to the family, as well as various vitamins to keep it strong. The baby penguin is to stay in a safe zone where it can avoid constant disturbance from the onlookers. The said zone is also guarded by the team to make sure that the chick is kept safe as it still cannot swim.

The King penguin after 20 days. 
source: The Guardian

Definitely, the presence of the king penguin will attract travelers from major parts of the globe to Hong Kong. However, the birth of this lovely creature is not the lone reason why tours to Hong Kong are expected to double, and why there is a cause for celebration. Ocean Park has announced that on 2012, it has recorded a total of 7.5 million visitors. 50% of which comes from China; 35% comprise of local visitors; and the remaining 15% encompasses arrivals from other countries.

This record-high statistics are believed to be because of the completion of the Master Redevelopment Plan (MRP). Meaning, more facilities and attractions are opened to cater to the growing demands and needs of the tourists.

It is not entirely a secret that Ocean Park Hong Kong is striving hard to provide its guests with the best kind of facilities. It is determined to retain its title as the first-ever Asian winner of the Applause Award, a prestigious recognition given to elite theme parks around the world. The head of the amusement park said that they owe the gratitude to the people who have constantly patronized the beauty of Ocean Park.

Indeed, Hong Kong Ocean Park has gone a lot better with the birth of the king penguin, and the completion of its developments. Therefore, Hong Kong air tickets are expected to sell like hotcakes these days. Well, it’s not like it’s not a usual thing, right?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tiger Airways Guarantee Better Transit Experiences at Changi

Low-cost carrier Tiger Airways now assures hassle-free transit experiences for its passengers at the Changi International Airport. With this move, the airline company has set better standards for other budget airlines which said airport had been servicing. This means better travel feats for many who have to fly through Singapore to other cities around the world.

Known as the TigerConnect, passengers with connecting flights at Changi are now permitted to obtain their onward boarding passes directly from the transfer desk at the transit area. Because of this, they can easily continue on with their travel without the need to pass through immigrations and baggage concerns.

The service, which is basically a part of the Changi Airport Groups’s (CAG) Changi Connects, will require passengers to pay SG$16 (US$13) per person. Budget travelers will surely find it affordable, considering the convenience it assures. Not going through the immigrations and baggage concerns is certainly a comfort for those who are just transiting through Singapore.

It is also stated that TigerConnect will be available not just to Singapore, but to 50 other destinations as well. It will also apply to the partner airline companies of Tiger Airways – Mandala Airlines and SEAir. Join itineraries with Scoot will also be offered, as well an airport transfer feature.

According to Mandala Airlines President/Director Paul Rombeek , this will particularly benefit those coming from Indonesia as most of the flights to China, Australia, India, and others are transiting at the Changi International Airport in Singapore.

TigerConnect will be offered beginning February 1, 2013.  As a kick off promo, there will be a 50% discount on connecting flights through selected routes booked from January 10 to 16 from its website.

Tiger Airways is the second LCC to offer this kind of development. Singapore-based Scoot Airlines has previously launched Scoot-Thru which is basically similar with the TigerConnect feature. It is also a program under Changi Connect.

This is definitely an exciting implementation from Tiger Airways and Changi International Airport. Aside from guaranteeing convenience, it will certainly allow passengers to save time and eventually grant them more chances to enjoy the features of the world-renowned airport while waiting for their flights. Hopefully, more and more budget airlines will follow the trend.

Image source:
Travel Daily News Asia