Friday, April 19, 2013

Singapore Inbound Tourism Seen to Boost, Chinese and Indian Markets to be Tapped

Marina Bay Singapore
Photo by Mike Enerio
SINGAPORE -  Inbound traffic of travelers, mainly from China and India, is expected to be the source of a huge boom in Singapore tourism for the next few years. This is after a recent survey shows that outbound tourism will slightly decline as many Singaporeans are quite contented already with the amount of travel they had gone through.

The survey showed that almost 7.3 million trips from Singapore were conducted since 2010; whereas in China, only 4 percent of the population had gone out of the country. India has 1 percent. These statistics had driven the authorities to assume that the two nations are proven lucrative markets, and are worth the tap.

Therefore, it is presumed that given that the industry will exert more effort to reach out to the Chinese and Indian markets, better inbound tourism will be in order. The trick is to lure travelers by opening more attractions that would cater to all age groups, and provide more opportunities for entertainment and fun for the people.

This is not exactly a difficult thing to do because Singapore has already been at it since day one. Spearheading the lists of attractions that travelers would buy air tickets for to see are Resorts World Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore, and Gardens by the Bay. The fact that Changi International Airport is one of the world’s best also contributes to its reputation.

Furthermore, Singapore promises particular attention to the various needs of travelers. Safety is the top-most priority, and that is basically what people from India, China, and other nations are after. 

Basically, this move does not just improve the number of tourist arrivals. It also strengthens tourist takings. Singapore hotels will particularly benefit from this – especially those hotels located in Little India and Chinatown – as travelers are expected to find a place to lodge while in the country.
Singapore, in spite of being a rather small nation, is indeed up for some spectacular leaps in inbound tourism for the next few years. It is totally equipped to cater to the needs of Chinese, Indian, and other nationalities. Though it is already ahead of others in the race, Singapore vows no stopping in furthering what it can give to people in terms of tourism. 

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