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Affordable Adventure Travel Destinations in Asia

Budget travel destinations
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Are you the type of traveller who looks for adrenaline-pumping activities during your holiday vacation but is short of budget to afford the trip to popular adventure destinations? Travelling to Asia can be the best alternative as cheap airfares are commonly available for flights bound for different countries in Asia.

Buying online air tickets from established travel companies can be cheaper especially during promotional periods rather than going to the direct website of airline companies. Thus most travellers who are planning a trip to Asia resort to online booking to get the cheapest air ticket. Although most of the famous adventure destinations can be found in expensive-to-travel continents, Asia offers numerous places which guarantee a vacation full of adrenaline rush. Here are some of the places that promise a smashing holiday:

Bali, Indonesia

Budget travel destinations - Bali

Most travellers thought of Bali as a romantic and relaxing place to go because of its spectacular beaches. Aside from being an ideal getaway for sun and sand lovers, Bali offers adrenaline-pumping activities as well. The big waves of its beaches are a big hit for surfers from around the world. Visitors can also try ocean raft sightseeing or snorkelling for more adventures. For those who love the rapids, white water rafting in the Ayung and Unda Rivers can be the highlight of the trip.


Budget travel destinations - Thailand

If you are planning to go to Thailand for a holiday trip but still hesitant to do it, forget the hesitation because this country is filled to the core with adventures that will surely make your blood pumping. Inland activities such as jungle treks in the Northern Mountains, mountain climbing, canopy tours and elephant rides will surely make travellers sweat while having a good workout. Other activities worth trying are cave exploration, scuba diving, surfing and kayaking.

Ladakh India

Budget travel destinations - India
Photo by Omendra Singh

Climbing the rugged mountains of the Northern Border of India can be physically demanding however it can also be a lifetime experience for those who crave for adventure. Different forms of Buddhist culture can be seen dotting the region as traveller trek along the steep mountainside of Ladakh. White water rafting is also a popular sport in this part of India. The ultimate test of courage and physical fitness will be conquering the River Azkar known for its wild raging rapids and cold waters.

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Budget travel destinations - Kota Kinabalu
Photo by Ling Tang 

Climbing the tallest peak in Malaysia which is the Kota Kinabalu is one of the reasons why travellers search for cheap air tickets to Sabah. This activity is commonly popular for those who seek adventure during their trip. Aside from climbing the 13,400-foot peak of Kota Kinabalu adventure lovers can also enjoy camping out in the jungle and have a chance to see untamed wild animals wandering free.


Budget travel destinations - Vietnam
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The country’s national park Cuc Phoung is famous to tourists because of its more than 300 species of tropical birds and a whopping 43 million varieties of flora and fauna. Trekking through the forests of Vietnam can bring each traveller closest to the wildlife and nature at its best.


Budget travel destinations - Bhutan
Photo by Adli Wahid 

Bhutan is one of those destinations waiting to be discovered by adventure lovers. An archaeological paradise, Bhutan is well-known for its magnificent monasteries and fortresses. Travellers can trek through the trails that wind past them or bike through the countryside to explore the area. Other ways of touring this place is through kayaking or rafting which is more of a challenge.

Travellers who crave an adrenaline rush need not spend a lot to have a dose of thrilling activities. With several cheap airfares available for Asian countries, adventure comes at an affordable price.

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