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Getting To Know Guangzhou China

Guangzhou China
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Guangzhou, historically known as Canton or Kwangchow is the capital and largest city of Guangdong province situated in the southern part of China on the Pearl River. It is considered a key national transportation hub and trading port. Although Guangzhou is leading a hectic way of life, there are several tourist spots around the metropolis that offers a relaxing atmosphere and panoramic views that will surely take the stress away caused by the noisy and busy streets of the city.

The outskirt of Guangzhou is a perfect getaway to have a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere away from the busy metropolis. The hilly district in the northeastern part of Guangzhou offers a scenic view of the city. The famous Yuexiu Park can also be found within the district. Yuexiu Park is the largest park in downtown Guangzhou covering an area of 212.5 acres. The park is made of three artificial lakes and seven hills of Yuexiu Mountain, where its name came from. Tourists and locals alike are drawn by its perfect combination of cultural relics and ecological tourism.

Nearby sights can also be enjoyed by climbing the five-storied watch tower which was built during the Ming Dynasty. At present, the tower houses a historic museum which is also worth a visit.
After exiting the park, two large hotels and a market can be seen. Twice every year, traders and customers from all parts of China meet in this particular place for a trade fair. Just nearby is the Orchid Garden where one can see the astonishing sight of 100 orchid species growing on the garden’s 18-hectare territory.

Another place worth exploring which is within the vicinity is the South China Botanical Garden. It is considered one of the largest Botanical Garden in the world boasting a record number of 5000 tropical and sub-tropical plants, grown locally or imported from other countries.

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Moving into the centre of the city, visitors can see the Guangxiao Temple – one of the region’s oldest and grandest temples. The temple possesses a solemn and imposing aura. The key structure of the temple is the Mahavira Hall which sits on a high pedestal with the Bell and Drum tower erected on both sides. Inside this hall are three statues of Buddha, Sakyamuni in the centre, Manjusri on the left, and Visvabhadra Bodhisattva on the right, known as the Three Saints of Huayan. There is also a pagoda built to house Huineng’s hair, Huineng is one of the six founders of Chinese Buddhism who saved his hair in the temple itself when he became a monk. The two oldest iron pagodas which happen to be the oldest of their kind in China can also be found in the Guangxiao Temple.

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The tomb of King Nanyue which is located on the Jeifang Bei Road always attracts a large number of tourists. It is hidden 20 meters underground made up of 750 huge stones with colourful murals. The mausoleum also features more than 1,000 pieces of cultural relics, bronze ware, and terra cotta. The main highlight of the place is the silk-jade garment made up of 2,291 pieces of jade – one of its kind in the whole world. Seeing this fascinating work of art is quite an experience so set aside any hesitation and start looking for cheap air tickets to Guangzhou!

Other exciting places visitors must explore to get the most from their Guangzhou trip are Temple of the Six Banyan Trees which features the giant statue of Guan Yin, the Huaisheng Mosque presenting a good example of Chinese tolerance and shows proof of ancient connections between China and Arabia, Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family and the Culture Park which offers lots exciting activities and attractions.
All these and more waiting for you to explore in the city of Guangzhou, start planning your trip and remember to include all these exciting places in your itinerary for a memorable trip! Several online travel companies offer China tour packages so budget won’t be a hindrance as well.

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