Monday, March 28, 2011

Finding the Right Travel Agent

Travel Preparation
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Some travelers prefer not to seek the services of travel agents. They already had bad experiences with agents who try to take advantage of customers and cost them more than what they should pay for their trips. But you should not discount the advantages of having the right travel agent. The right agent can give you great savings not just on air tickets and hotel rooms, but on meals and car rentals as well.

The trick is to find one that is not only honest but is capable of giving you the service that is right for your needs and preferences. This is advisable especially if you are not so knowledgeable about finding cheap offers on airfare and hotel rooms online. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when finding the right travel agent:

  • The right travel agent will ask you many questions.
 This is the only way that she can find out what exactly it is that you need for your trip. She will ask for details about your itinerary, travel experiences, and budget. She needs the following information to get you the right deals you can choose from.

  • The right travel agent has many contacts.
The more vendors your agent is working with, the better. This means she can present you with more choices that you can select from. Avoid agents that refer only to one or two vendors consistently. You won’t get much choice that way and she is only interested in the commission from the said vendors. Look for an agent that will make the effort to shop around for deals that will suit your budget and preferences.

  • The right travel agent should be able to give you prices that are close or lower to the going rates online.
 Do a little research first before asking the agent the prices of the deals she can offer. This way, you will know if she’s giving you the best deal or just trying to rip you off. Better yet, list down the low prices that you see online and ask the agent if she can get the same deal for you at lower rates.

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