Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What to Expect in Hong Kong Travel

A fair lot of tourists think of Hong Kong as one small, dynamic country where you can already explore everything in a week. But those who have stayed longer in Hong Kong to fully enjoy the worth of their air tickets know that there is more to Hong Kong than meets the eye. The cluster of tourists usually just stays within Tsim Sha Tsui and the Causeway Bay area, but if you make the effort to explore the innermost parts of the country, you will find inexhaustible delights that any type of tourist will surely appreciate.

Forty percent of Hong Kong’s open land is allotted for tourism, recreation, and conservation. You will find marine parks, beautiful coasts, and country parks all over Hong Kong. Nature lovers will surely enjoy spending time at the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve, which houses various types of woodland creatures. Another place for nature-tripping is the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, which serves as a great sanctuary for plants and people who are dedicated to agriculture.

No vacation in Hong Kong will be complete without enjoying the country’s shopping sites. If you manage to save a lot in getting an air ticket to Hong Kong, then you can spend it when you shop for both luxury and cheap items. There are lots of designer stores for those who can afford it, and there are lots of night markets for those who are on a budget.

Hong Kong is made for those who love water activities. Those looking for great surfing will surely enjoy testing the waves at Tai Long Wan or Big Wave Bay. Surf in waves as high as fourteen feet or simply enjoy the buff bodies walking around the area.

Dolphin lovers will find their place here in Lantau Island, where you can join their exciting dolphin tour. Watch out for those cute pink dolphins and the white dolphins, which are considered as one of the endangered species.

Those who are into mountain biking must explore Hong Kong’s trails, such as the Dragon’s Back, Wan Tsai Peninsula, and Chi Ma Wan. Make sure to go only to designated trails to avoid accidents.

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